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Official Trailer Showing September CoroCoro Leaks Released


After the September CoroCoro released days ago, an official trailer has debuted, showcasing the leaks in action. Mega Altaria, Mega Salamence, Mega Lopunny, Pokemon Contest Spectacular, and more are shown in this trailer, along with information posted on the official website.

The video showcases Mega Altaria, Mega Salamence, and Mega Lopunny. Mega Altaria is Dragon- and Fairy-type, with the ability Pixilate. It gets big boosts to its Attack and Special Attack, while getting some minor boosts to its defenses.

Mega Salamence retains its Dragon- and Flying-typing and gains the ability Aerilate. It gets a big boost to its Defense stat.

Mega Lopunny gain the Fighting-type upon Mega Evolving, making it a Normal- and Fighting-type. After it Mega Evolves, it has the ability Scrappy and becomes much more aggressive.

Also demonstrated in this trailer are Pokemon Contests Spectacular. The player will meet a Contest Idol named Lisia, who has an Altaria named Ali. She is very famous. Lisia will gift the player with Contest-specific clothing so that the player can perform in Pokemon Contest Spectaculars.

More is revealed about Cosplay Pikachu as well. These are special Pikachu who are identified by their heart-shaped black marking on their tails. Cosplay Pikachu are obsessed with fashion, which is shown by their willingness to dress up. As seen in previous articles, there are five types of Cosplay Pikachu. Each one gains their own special move once they dress-up. Pikachu Rock Star gains the move Meteor Mash, to show off its coolness. Pikachu Ph. D gains the move Electric Terrain to show off its smartness. Pikachu Pop Star gains the move Draining Kiss to show off its cuteness. Pikachu Libre gains the move Flying Press to show off its toughness. Last but not least, Pikachu Belle gains the move Icicle Crash to show off its beauty.

It also confirmed in the trailer that Horde Battles, a feature introduced in Pokemon X and Y, make a return in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. However, in these new games, the player may also have horde battles with trainers, specifically demonstrated on the Pokemon website is a Team Magma horde.

Lastly, the trailer confirms and event beginning on the release day for a Shiny Beldum. This Beldum will be holding its evolution, Metagross’, Mega Stone. Players can recieve the event via Wi-Fi beginning November 21st (November 28th in Europe).

To learn more about what was revealed, please visit the [u]Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Official Website[/u]. Also, feel free to post on [u]our forums[/u] about what you think about these reveals!

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