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Party Hat Raid Day in Pokemon GO

Raid Day
Time to party at the raid!

As part of the Pokemon Day Celebration, there will be a Party Hat Nidorino and Party Hat Gengar in raids! These special raids will take place on March 1st from 2pm to 5pm.

The famous battle from Pokemon Red & Blue can now be done in Pokemon! That is because these two Pokemon will be taking the center stage wearing party hats.

Below is what you can expect from this event.

  • Nidorino wearing party hats will be appearing in two-star raids.
  • Gengar that know Lick and Psychic and are wearing party hats will be appearing in four-star raids.
  • If you’re lucky, you might encounter a Shiny Nidorino or a Shiny Gengar wearing a party hat!
  • You can receive up to five Raid Passes at no cost during the event by spinning Photo Discs at Gyms. You cannot hold more than one of these Raid Passes at once, and they will not be available after the event ends.

UPDATE: This event has been cancelled in Japan, South Korea and Italy. This will be due to health concerns regarding the Coronavirus. There is currently no word on if this event will be held at a later date.

Best of luck in your raiding!

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