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In-Person Pokemon League to Return

Pokemon League
That is right! League is back!

Play! Pokemon has announced that In-Person Pokemon League will return starting on Tuesday, June 7th in the US. With the return on In-Person Pokemon League, selected stores will also be able to run run in-store Prerelease events.

At this time, Championship Point events will remain suspended. These events include League Challenges, League Cups, Midseason Showdowns and Premier Challenges. Pokemon has states that they will keep monitoring health guidelines and recommendations from appropriate government and health agencies to determine when it is safe to resume these events.

League will also resume in the following countries: Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic.

In-Person Leagues were suspended at the start of the COVID pandemic in 2020. This was all to keep players safe from inflection. Certain countries were allow to resume play but with strict guidelines.

Source: PokeBeach

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