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Pikachu Appears on Good Morning America! And More!

GMA Pikachu
Pikachu is making the rounds on TV!

Pokemon GO has added all your favorite friends from the Unova region this week. It seems like they want everybody to know because you can see Pikachu pop up on different shows from morning shows to late night talk shows!

Good Morning America

Good Morning America is a morning TV show in New York City that is famous for various guests and hosts. They help America wake up each morning with various news stories, personalities and the weather. Though, it looks like Pikachu wanted to help make sure that trainers know the weather as they go out catching the various Pokemon from Unova that have enter Pokemon GO.

Meteorologist Ginger Zee had Pikachu help her with the weather report today. She made sure to give the weather at various cities along with telling trainers where they can find certain Pokmeon in Pokemon GO. Some of these Pikachu that made their GMA debut was Snivy and Jiggypuff.

You can watch the full weather report below.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Late night watchers got a peek of Pikachu on Jimmy Kimmel Live. It seems like parking lot security guard, Guillermo, plays Pokemon GO and considers Pikachu his best friend. So much so that he loves taking pictures with his yellow friend and sharing iced coffees.

Get a look at Guillermo and Pikachu’s moment on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The Unova Pokemon are now in Pokemon GO and this time Pikachu is making the TV rounds! Keep an eye out for Pikachu on your TV! And happy catching in Pokemon GO!

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