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Pikachu Party for Shanghai Mall

Pikachu Party
Are you ready for a Pikachu Party?

Then you are in luck if you live in Shanghai! That is because you can see a 10 meter Pikachu statue at the top of the new Matsue INCITY mall.

This 10 meter Pikachu statue has been there since November 18th on the roof of the Shanghai mall. This 10 meter Pikachu was first discovered by gaming insider Daniel Ahmad.

Though, today a Pikachu party took place. A group of dancing Pikachu decided to have a dance party around the giant Pikachu. You can also see two Eevee who decided to take part in the celebration.

So…Why the Pikachu?

This is all part of a partnership between the Pokemon Company and Matsue INCITY to help promote the opening of the new mall. As part of the opening, several Pokemon pop-up shops and events are happening in the mall.

Below is a picture of some of the events and Pokemon decor.

There is no party like a Pikachu party!

Source: XijiGame

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