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Playthough: Pokemon HeartGold- Episode 13-16

Time to revisit EvenBiggerJonno as he travels throughout Johto. On this installment of his journey, Jonno will battle against Whitney for his third badge. Can he back up the claim that he can beat Whitney in less then a minute? Or will he end up crying instead by the end of the video?

Once that is done, there is the long trek to Ecrukeak City that features bugs, Rockets, and a man that has several under-leveled Voltorb that shouldn’t be allowed to battle. Learn about how much Jonno hates Paras and how it will pop up during one of his videos.

Stay tune for the last video for a surprise evolution from a Pokemon.

Click below to watch Jonno’s playthough of Pokemon: HeartGold.

Episdoe 13
Episode 13

episode 14
Episode 14

Episode 15
Episode 15

Episode 16
Episode 16

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