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Plenty of Fun at NAIC Side Events!

The Side Event Schedule has been released!

Everybody knows about the main event tournament at the North American International Championships. Though not everybody is able to make it to the second day of the tournament. Fear not! Even if you can’t make it into Day Two then there is plenty to do in the Side Events!

Video Game

Those wishing to have fun on the video game will be able to do this by taking part in VGC Battle Royal Format and VGC Multi Cup Format tournaments.

Below is the description for each event.

VGC Battle Royal Format: Battle three other opponents at the same time. Points will be tallied based on placement in the battle after each round. Two players will rotate tables (chosen randomly by judges) after each round. After four rounds, the event will end, and all points will be totaled. Prize wall tickets will be awarded based on points earned in the four rounds. VGC 2018 rules apply. Rules subject to change based on attendance.

VGC Multi Cup Format: Standard Multi Battle with 2018 VGC ruleset. Participants play as a team. Each player pays entry, and each player is awarded tickets. No communication is allowed between team members.

There will be plenty of 8-man Pick Up tournaments during the day. These tournaments are usually quick games that only need eight people to play. Players will go against each other in a single elimination format. The further in the tournament you get, the more tickets you will be rewarded.

Trading Card Game

The TCG will have two side event tournaments starting on Saturday. In the morning there will be a Standard Tournament for Masters to enter. At noon there will be an Expanded tournament for Masters. Masters can expect another Standard Tournament around 3pm.

Juniors and Seniors will also have a chance to play in Side Event tournaments. There will be a 10am Standard tournament for Juniors and Seniors. In the afternoon, there will be an Expanded Junior and Senior tournament.

A similar schedule for big tournaments in Standard and Expanded will be done on Sunday.

During NAIC, there will be plenty of 8-man Pick Up and Sealed Tournaments for all TCG players to play in.

The 8-man Pick Up Tournaments are quick tournaments that will start as soon as eight players have gathered.

The Sealed Tournaments work similar to Prereleases where each player will receive a Prerelease kit. They will be given a few minutes to create a deck with the cards inside the prerelease kit. Once they have created their deck then they will participate in a tournament.

The schedule for the Side Events can be found by clicking here.

Best of luck to everybody taking part at NAIC! And make sure to have fun! Especially at the Side Events!

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