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Podcast Central: It’s a Critical Hit! …MONLEE!

Podcast Central
Because when a Hitmonlee hits then it hits hard!

That is what you will be saying after listening to this brand new addition to Podcast Central! Bring your ears together because we are adding Critical Hit-monlee to our podcast featuring lineup!

Critical Hit-monlee is a tabletop podcast that takes you through the Oletta region. Your guides through this region will be a group of friends who plan to take on gyms and capture Pokemon. Join Clayton, Eric, Lucas, and Theodore as they travel the Oletta region. Though, they better watch out because Dungeon Master Devyn has plenty of critical surprises for them! Best of luck to players Duff, Aaron, David and Zack because they will be wanting some great rolls for these critical moments!

Times are feeling kind of dire. It is even more important for us to stand up and be ready for vote. If you see something then remember that you have the power to do something. One of those things is making sure you vote. Next month will start early voting so make sure you get out there and vote! Stand up and fight! Even if it may not feel like it will do anything, it is best to do something! After all, we all grew up as Pokemon trainers and know that we have the power to do anything.

Don’t touch that Totodile! It is podcast listening time!

Podcast Spotlight

Critical HitmonleeCritical Hit-Monlee: Judy’s Grandson-– Clayton, Lucas and Theodore will need to make a stop because the gym is closed. That is perfect because it will give them some time to learn about their new party member, Eric!
Postcards from PearlPostcards from Pearl: Lake Bois, Trash King- Pearl’s head is going to spin around and around thanks to this Rotation battle! Will she take out the trash with the Lake Bois or will she be shocked and dazed?
Pay Day PodcastPay Day: Debate! Seismitoad VS Gastrodon- It is debate time! Anna vs Tom! Who is the better Pokemon? The blue toad from from Gen 5 or the trusty slug from Sinnoh?

Talk Podcasts

PKMNCastIt’s Super Effective: Pokémon Players Cup II- Steve and the gang talk about the Player’s Cup II! Meanwhile you can expect some talking about Lusamine and her spotty history as a mother.
PUCL POdcastP.U.C.L. Podcast: The Legacy of Dynamax– Dynamax has only been around for a year but Thatch and the Council want to give their thoughts on this mechanic. Is it good? Bad? The Future!
After DarkrainAfter Darkrai: Dewott-hast [EXPLICIT]– De-you-wott to hear a funny joke? Don’t worry because Hannah and Bret have you covered with all their Dewott jokes!
Wild PodcastA Wild Podcast has Appeared: Another Pokemon Journey to Netflix with Special Guest Steve Sarumi- The Comicbook Crew have Steve from It’s Super Effective over to talk about the journey of podcasting and Pokemon Journeys!
Victory RoadVictory Road: “4 Year Anniversary”– Doug and Kyle take a moment to celebrate their four year anniversary! It has been a long and winding road but they are here and ready to catch up.

Specialty Podcasts

Luke Loves PokemonLuke Loves Pokemon: Corsola and Family– Get ready for a haunting warning that took twenty years to come. Join Luke as he talk about how Corsola has changed throughout the years.
Science of PokemonThe Science of Pokemon: Lucas Lectures: Ranger Danger- Lucas is back and he will tell you about how much danger Pokemon Rangers face. Especially their real life counterparts, the rangers.
I Chews YouI Chews You: Makuhita- No. A lunchbox isn’t a dish. Though you can expect to here about three great dishes featuring your favorite plump friend, Makuhita.
EXP ShareEXP. Share: Routes 3-4, Mt. Moon, Cerulean City, & Cascade Badge [EXPLICIT]– Joshua and Tanner are back to their roots in Kanto. This time as a Nuzlocke and there is already blood on their hands before facing Misty.
Bracket RacketBracket Racket: Flying Types Part 1 – Team Bracket are ready to fly high today! That is because they are rating all the Flying type Pokemon in this epic three part series.
Silph RadioSilph Radio: Gym Leader Brock (With Briana Joy and Andre Segarra)– It is Brock the Rock time! Nathan and friends are going to make sure that no stone is left unturn with Brock!

Anime Podcasts

Gotta Watchem AllGotta Watch’em All Podcast: Hello Pumello-Get ready for a champion time! This time Ken and Adam are watching Ash battle the champion and final gym leader of the Orange Crew! Can Ash handle this ever changing battle?

Battling Podcasts

Pokemon Champions PodcastPokemon Champions Podcast: VGC Women’s Tournament (Top 8) & Players Cup II Announcement-– Dozer and Zac are giving you the full 411 on the teams from the VGC Women’s Tournament! From the picks that were expected to some of the very unexpected picks that the ladies brought to this battle royale!
PokeSportsPokeSports: Get To Know Pokésports!– Get to know your hosts! Mike and Kevin are here to tell you about themselves and how it can be hard to be torn away from the singles format.
Hyper VoiceThe Hyper Voice: A Savory Sequel- Alex and Stephen are going to be talking about the sequel to the famed Players Cup. What does this one have to offer due to the mix up between series rules?
Play PokemonPlay! Pokemon Podcast: Players Cup II-– The Players Cup was so good that Pokemon decided to make a sequel. Jay and the Ace Trainers talk about Players Cup II and their favorite moments from the original.
SoundproofSoundproof Podcast: Girls Just Want To Have Fun (ft. Alyssa Smith)– Brandon and Jake have Alyssa from the Women’s Tournament to talk about how it felt running the all ladies tournament. From the fun to crazy battle moments!

TCG Podcasts

Tag TeamTag Team: Get a (Full) Grip- It is a Mad Party as one of these hosts has gone mad! Plus they have gotten a grip on this new tournament series from Full Grip!
Special ConditionsSpecial Conditions: Players Cup 2– Adam and Josh get excited for Players Cup 2. This time anybody can become a champion! Does Josh stand a chance though?
PokeDadsPokeDads:Do You Want To See A Magic Trick? (Alakazam V Card) –The PokeDads are excited because Alakazam is coming back to the Pokemon TCG! You bet they are very excited about this Pokemon V.
Meta PodMeta Pod: Talking Burnout and Balance with Emery Taylor! (Plus Champion’s Path: OOPS! All Zards Announced)- Jake and Sean may be a little too new to talk about burnout but that is why they have Emery Taylor! Though, are they burnout from too many Charizard cards in the TCG?

Pokemon GO Podcasts

Pokemon GO RadioPokemon GO Radio: Porygon Try Attacking & Possible Buddy Quests- Porygon had his Community Day and it really did try to leave a good impression. Just not good enough one for Nar and SALT.
GoCastGoCast: Old News Is Still News- Chris and Kyle have some old news to talk about but it is still news! Nothing cold or shocking here as they talk about Mega Pidgeot.
Pokemon GO POdcastPokemon GO Podcast: “iTunes Is A Fraud!”- Joe is eating his words as Niantic is giving everybody some really cheap Remote Raid Passes. Though, there is more to be talk about besides some passes.
Lured UP Lured Up Podcast: Can Villains Change?- Ken and Adam are talking about villians but not the Pokemon kind. More like spoofers who want to turn over a new leaf.
Pokemon GO FMPokemon GO FM: Don’t Call it a Comeback– Bagelnoob and Nyancourt are back after a long break. Just in time to see Jessie & James blasting off from Pokemon GO!

Tabletop Podcasts

CubonesAndCatacombsCubones and Catacombs: Freeing Friends- Lance and Riley are finding out there is more then one way to catch Pokemon. That is to make friends with them! Even if these new friends hold shocking grudges!
Not a ScratchNot a Scratch: The Start of a New Day!- A brand new arc means brand new ways for Ralph to get in trouble. Though, Kyle and Ralph make sure to visit home before that happens.
Pokemon RolloutPokemon Rollout!: Clouds Gathering! (or, Let’s Roll 100 Stealth Checks)- An old trouble from the past has blighted the path of these PokeRollers. Though, that may be the least of their troubles as a storm is brewing!
Critical DittoCritical Ditto: Steam Eruption #7- This train is chugging along as Kenny confronts his sister! Brandi doesn’t care about being in a room with a molten lava! Meanwhile, Theo faces the church thanks to a little girl.
Reckless RollersReckless Rollers: The Audacity of This B**ch--Katri is learning that having a talking Zorua may be trickier then expected. Especially if this one is going to just keep playing pranks on her.

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