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Podcast Central: Fun and Games

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It is all fun and games until hax gets involved.

We will be focusing on the games this week on Podcast Central. You know, the important ones like…Role playing, video games and TCG! Those are pretty popular and completely normal things to do.

Either way, I hope you enjoy these podcasts as you get together with your buddies to play some good old fashion games. If not, then listen to these podcasts to think of epic ways to win in your favorite games. Hopefully these guys can help inspire you to do your best in whatever games you plan to play.

And then hax happens and nobody will be happy.

First up on the podcast docket is Pokemon Rollout! These merry band of trainers hit up a job where they have to move some rocks out of the way. Though it sounds like an old friend is there to greet them. In this episode we will find out who can sneak around and who can’t. Don’t be surprise if you already know who those people are. Fun episode to listen to as the interactions with a past character will be pretty funny to listen to. Also, bad rolls are always fun.

Feel like listening to some VGC action? Then Kanto Cast got you cover as Blue recounts his experience at St. Louis Regionals. It is the legendary return of Blue to the competitive scene as he learns how savage the Sun & Moon VGC meta can be. Be prepare to hear tales of how he fought against Buzzwole and rocks! Be amazed as Blue learns how he is slowly becoming known within the community. The stories he will tell are worth a listen!

Our gaming will then takes us to the TCG with PTCG Radio as Ross explains why Decidueye is so good. What does this deck do to ensure that it can’t be beat. There are many reasons for this and Ross is going to go over them. Ross is going to tell where this deck has won and what it has done to keep that crown.

If you are thinking about getting into competitive video gaming then take a listen to the P.U.C.L. Podcast! Thatch and the gang talk about what newcomers should do if they want to get into battling in Pokemon. It will involve a lot of practice but these guys will tell you want you need to know to get a good start in Pokemon.

Want to take a break to listen about some anime? Then Pikapi Podcast has an episode for you! Anne covers a special episode featuring the Rocket Trio playing the role of good guys. That may sound crazy but it is amazing as we get to hear about how the Rocket Trio are more then just bumbling villains. Anne takes out of analyzing cap as she gives you an in depth look at the Rocket Trio and how these three may not need Team Rocket. It is an amazing listen and well worth the character analysis.

Do you need a news break? Especially to hear about the recent Water Festival in Pokemon GO? Then give a listen to Pokedex Radio and PKMNcast. Aaron from Pokedex Radio talks about the latest updates with Pokemon GO and the recent issues with the Nintendo Switch. There is even some appreciation for everybody towards the end. SBJ and the cast get together on PKMNcast to talk about the elusive Shiny Magikarp that can now be found in Pokemon GO. Though there may be other things that can’t be found and that will also be talked about as well.

Lastly, The Dex! Podcast talk about the current Global Mission and some ideas for Pokemon on Switch. So go ahead and see what else can be said about Pokemon being on the Switch and how a new job opening could give us an idea.

Don’t touch that Totodile! It is time for games and podcasts!

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