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Podcast Central: Hoenn Ahoy!

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Are you ready for Hoenn? We are coming close to the release of Pokemon OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire. The hype is high as everybody is getting excited to revisit a land that many have forgotten or once dislike. Either way, this is another chance to see the marvels of Hoenn and remind us all as to why this is such a beautiful region.

A lot of news about ORAS has come out in the last two weeks so we are going to focus on the podcasts that discuss all of the great news from the new games. So get ready to listen to all of the great podcasts that are talking and hyping up our visit to Hoenn!

There is too much water? Who cares! Don’t touch that Totodile!

The Looker Bureau: The Birds and the Beedrill– The Bureau opens up the old case files and get right back to work. They look at all the news involving ORAS in order to prepare for the big investigation that is bound to start this Friday. This is a great time to listen to all the news you may have missed out on.

The Dex! Podcast: Alpha!– The Dex! Crew are getting ready for ORAS. This week they are going to recap all the big news that was release this week. Then in their Top 5, The Dex! Crew are going to talk about their favorite Gen 3 Water type Pokemon. There are going to be plenty of Water Pokemon to talk about so get ready for a great listen!

The Underground: Special News Update #2 – Only Three More Days– Sam is back with another news update about all things concerning ORAS. This one is a special edition as the games are coming close to being released. Get ready to listen to all the things they have to say and make sure to catch them in Hoenn!

Radio Whirlwind: New Character, New Leaks- Illus and the group talk about the latest leaks and news from CoroCoro and Pokemon. There is a lot of content being discussed so make sure to listen to it all in order to be up to date on the latest information.

P.U.C.L Podcast: Pokemon Fan Games– Thatch and the council get together to talk about fangames with Dan Man. There is a lot of work that goes into just making a game and the ideas for them. Make sure to listen to this podcast to find out all that information and how you can help.

Podcast Monsters: Pokemon Scentsation/Hypno’s Naptime– Andrew, Kacie, and Gab are back to talk about Pokemon with reoccurring character Jenny! This time they look at two episodes where Ash is force to wear a dress while Misty is made to think she is a Seel. This episode may put our Podmon Trainers in quite a situation.

Pikapi Podcast: Miss and Mister Un-Congeniality! Mako discuss an episode where an old friend comes back. This marks Vulpix’s last episode in the anime and it will surely cause a fire. Listen in on Mako’s thoughts about Brock and how he acts in this episode. Also, hear her thoughts about how Kalos is ending up as the possible next Johto.

PKMNCast: Kickstarter Mini Episode (Full Version) SBJ and the gang come together to have another Kickstarter episode. Make sure to give this one a listen! Thank you for everybody who has donated!

Got a podcast you want to feature here? Let us know about it! Give all these great podcasts a review and rating!

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