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Podcast Central: Time to PUCL Up!

It is time for Podcast Central! I trust some people are still playing Pokemon OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire. Where are you in the game? Are you still trying to collect badges? Maybe you finally made it to the post game and breeding? Either way, I hope you enjoy listening to these podcasts as you play. They are bound to be entertaining.

This time we want to spotlight the PUCL Podcast! Make sure to listen to their podcast as I (Mikey) make a special appearance there. The PUCL crew and I get to talking about Secret Bases and all the cool things you can do with them. I even go ahead and drop some TCG knowledge while Thatch and his crew tell me of a cool way to get some money to buy more decorations for my Secret Base. Buying decorations isn’t cheap and can be addicting. GameFreak really knocked it out of the park with ORAS and Secret Bases.

Enough of that! You may see more special PUCL stuff in the near future! Now, don’t touch that Totodile! It is time to podcast!

P.U.C.L Podcast: Super Secret Bases– Thatch, the PUCL crew and myself take part in an epic meeting of the minds to talk about one of the new and enjoyable features of ORAS. Super Secret Bases! We go over what you can do with your Secret Base and how you can make the most out of this feature. Especially one where you can buy decorations at a certain sale and how you can collect enough flags to get a certain Mega Stone. Overall, it was a fun time to talk to the PUCL crew and I hope you enjoy listening to us talk Pokemon. Also, make sure to check out the PUCL UUTC.

Pikapi Podcast: Highest Form Of Flattery!– Are you ready to get into the holiday season because Mako is! Mako has kicked off Twelve Days of Christmas for her podcast where she is going to marathon Pokemon episodes! Each day until Christmas, Mako is going to release a new episode of her podcast and will throw in snippets of holiday Pokemon music at the end of each episode.

To start off the Twelve Days of Christmas marathon, Mako is greeted from a ghost from Christmas Past! An old friend name Duplica catches up with of Ash and crew. Mako goes over all the crazy hijinks that happen while Duplica is with Ash. We also learn during this episode that Wobbuffet is a battling genius and nobody has ever notice this! Expect this and more as the Twelve Days of Christmas is underway at Pikapi Podcast!

Podcast Monsters: Pokemon Fashion Flash/The Punchy Pokemon– Our Podmon Trainers are back once again with a new episode! Gab, Katie and Andrew are joined by Alex Edelman to watch another two episodes of Pokemon. Our Podmon trainers are all about fashion and fighting which is surprising a thing that happens a lot in this show. What would our heroes do as they watch these two episodes? Just listen to find out!

The Dex! Podcast: Lights, Camera, Movies!– It is all about the movies this time around with The Dex! Crew. This time the Top 5, Alex, Kellz and Jimmy talk about their favorite movies and why they like them so much. There are many Pokemon movies but how many have these guys have seen? You need to listen to find out how many and why they choose their favorites.

Striaton Radio: Pirates of the Sapphire– It looks like Justin and his team have made it over to Hoenn! In this episode, the Striaton Team are talking about their trip to Hoenn and all the things they saw there. What did they think about their time there and would they do it again? Give this podcast a listen to find out!

PKMNCast: Dewford Town to Mauville City- The journey continues! SBJ and Micah recount their travels in Hoenn and all that they have seen so far. It is a long trip to Mauville City from Dewford but it is at least eventful. Which colorful characters do our adventurers meet on their journey this time? Will something horrifying happen this time? Just take a listen to find out!

Radio Whirlwind: Catch Them All In Australia– The guys at Radio Whirlwind are joined by SacredFireNegro for an exclusive interview. This time the guys talk about a potential canon map of the Pokemon world. How do each region fit within the world of Pokemon and how likely this map could be true.

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