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Podcast Central: I Wish You Some Happiness

Podcast Central
A little something to make you smile.
I was going to start of today’s column with some stuff about the recent DLC. Still, before that I wanted to say something before clicking on links to find your next favorite Pokemon Podcast or catch up on some of you other favorites. Just one thing…Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

I do not know what holiday you celebrate or if you celebrate one at all. Maybe you do not have a reason or way to celebrate a holiday. Still, I want to wish you a happy next couple of weeks. May you find something to smile about and that it make you happy. May it be with the people you love, those you are close with or just alone. I just hope that you find some happiness and perhaps listening to a few good Pokemon podcast can do that. So if this column can do that then I am glad that I got to write one more before the holiday season comes in full blast.

Now to the new podcasts that I hope will make you happy to listen to.


Teach Me Pokemon Podcast is a podcast by Cory and his best friend Jared. Together they talk about how to play the Pokemon TCG! From some common mistakes to just basic things that you should know when you play the Pokemon TCG. They even talk about other topics that may come up when you play the Pokemon TCG that goes beyond paper. They even go over some of the latest tournaments and what could be learned from watching the pros. Overall, you got plenty to learn when you are either a new or old Pokemon TCG players. We totally recommend that you try to let Cory and Jared teach you the Pokemon TCG.


So why didn’t I do Podcast Central last week? Of course it was because I spent too much time playing the new Indigo Disk DLC. Did I make any real progress in it? Totally no. That was because I wanted to catch Pokemon for Perrin.

Still, I didn’t get to play lot of it due to I had to prep for a trip to San Antonio. Either way, we played some and didn’t write this column. With that said, how about I introduce to you a new Pokemon podcast for the line up.

With that said…Don’t touch that Totodile. It is Podcast listening time. See you in 2024.

Podcast Spotlight

Teach Me PokemonTeach Me Pokemon: Stuttgart Regionals and Cory’s Plan for the San Antonio Regionals– Cory and Jared talk about what happen in Stuttgart. How Lost Box just keeps staying around along with Mew. Plus what to do when your opponent takes too long in their turn to do one thing. Plus a look into what will happen in San Antonio Regionals. A good lesson in what has happen and what to happen.
Delve Into The DexDelve into the Dex: Stantler Got Run Over by a Bus – If you think this is going to be an episode about Christmas theme Pokemon like I did then you are wrong. This is about the Pokemon Christmas Bash CD and how it doesn’t really…It isn’t good and I feel bad for Dan, Kayla and Billy. Still. Listen. It is a good listen in how Pokemon was in the early 2000s.
Ketchum AllKetchum All: Alakolossal– This episode has it all from Classic Kanto Antics as Caitlin and Lauren go over giant Jigglypuff and Ash not being a good Pokemon trainer. Meanwhile you have Bruno who is making you wonder why he is an Elite Four and the craziness that is the Kanto Gym System.
As the Pokeball TurnsAs the Pokeball Turns: “Cowboy Hat Caterpie, Please?” ft. MikeNerdLaw– David has the famed Cowboy Hat Caterpie AKA MikeNerdLaw! How did one little talk about Caterpie evolved into a whole persona? The origin story and how one man not only becomes known to Pokemon GO but the fans that want to see him and his dream come true.

Talk Podcasts

PUCL POdcastP.U.C.L. Podcast: Indigo Disk First Impressions!
PKMNCastIt’s Super Effective: The Indigo Disk is Here
PokeProblemsPokeProblems: Swampert Goes Shopping
Hidden PowerHidden Power: Indigo Disk DLC Day 1 | 10 NEW Pokémon, Datamine Analysis, & More!
Wild PodcastA Wild Podcast has Appeared: The Indigo Disk Review
Good Morning JohtoGood Morning Johto: Dec. 18th 2023
After DarkraiAfter Darkrai: Delibirding You A Merry Xmas [EXPLICIT]

Specialty Podcasts

PokeSciencePokeScience: “Lyla’s Lessons”- Ribbit, Ribbit, a Tympole Exhibit
Champs in the MakingChamps in the Making: Episode #96 [EXPLICIT]
I Chews YouI Chews You: Oranguru
ChanceChance: Ch. 25-27: Faith, Hearthome, and Nightmare
PokeMakersPokeMakers: Idol Margherita
EXP ShareEXP. Share: Lake Valor, Lake Verity, Route 211, Mt. Coronet, Routes 216-217, Snowpoint City, Snowpoint Gym [EXPLICIT]
Pokemon RadioPokemon Radio: Bonus Episode: Pokemon TCG Live Play Experience

Pokemon of the Episode

Daycare DittosDaycare Dittos: Wynaut & Wobbuffet
Who's That PokemonWho’s That Pokemon?: Togetic! [EXPLICIT]
Welcome to the World of PokemonWelcome to the World of Pokemon: Hoothoot
Luke Loves PokemonLuke Loves Pokemon: Gimmighoul and Family

Pokemon Anime and Media Podcasts

Drying PanOut of the Drying Pan: Attack on the Clones
EveryPokemonEpisodeEverEvery Pokemon Episode Ever: “A Rollicking Roll… (Panic! Gokulin Ball!!)” “Eyes on the Goal! (Come on Kamukame Turtle Race!)”
PokePresPoke Press: Discussing the music of “PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond”

Battling Podcasts

PokeSportsPokeSports: The Game Is Complete
Littleroot LessonsLittleroot Lessons: What Does the Indigo Disk Do for VGC?

TCG Podcasts

Uncommon EnergyUncommon Energy: So Azul Won His 6th Regional Championships!
ShadowlessShadowless Podcast: Another Way To Get These Cards?
TrashalancheTrashalanche: San Antonio: Klawf, Mew, LZB, Charizard, Gardy & More!
Special ConditionsSpecial Conditions: LAIC
FlowTKASTFlowTKast: “Miraidon WINS LAIC”
Ancient WisdomAncient Wisdom: Is this back on?
Tag TeamTag Team: The Land of Yee-Haw
Pittsburgh Pokemon PodcastPittsburgh Pokemon Podcast: Stuttgart Recap & San Antonio Forecast
Training CourtThe Training Court: Discussing best-performing Paradox Rift decks with OmniPoke’s Joe! The Training Court TCG
Lake of RageLake of Rage: San Antonio regional meta discussion ft. KingDreC1out, Caleb Rogerson & Edwin Arrollo
Meta PodMeta Pod: Surprises & Failures of Paradox Rift

Pokemon GO Podcasts

Roundtable ChatotRound Table Chat(ot): Hey, Look at Us! Who Would’ve Thought?
IncensedIncensed: Alex Nexton, What’s Your Smell & Sinnoh Tour LA [EXPLICIT]
GoCastGoCast: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Shinies
Lured UP Lured Up Podcast: It Needs Seasoning
The Purified PodcastThe Purified Podcast: Icy Moments…!
Let's GOLet’s Go!: Pokemon Go Season of Timeless
The WailordzThe Wailordz: Season of Timeless Travels and Awesome Australians

Pokemon Tabletop Podcasts

Critical DittoCritical Ditto: Wild Charge #5
Dunsparce and DrampaDunsparce and Drampa: NOPE
Boarding PartyBoarding Party Pokemon DnD: The Siege of Ambercrag, Part 1: The Fields
Roaring TrainersThe Roaring Trainers: Hale Manor-isms (Part 1)
Late StartersLate Starters: A Ride With Ranger John!
Postcards from PearlPostcards from Pearl: Linked Up!

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