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Podcast Review Bag: Review: Shippuden #PokePodMonth2023

Podcast Review Ba
We got a hurricane of reviews!

At the end of every podcast, it is customary for the hosts to ask listeners to leave a review. That way other people can see how amazing the podcast is. Overall, it is to help the podcast find even more listeners.

So we want to highlight some amazing reviews that listeners have submitted for their favorite podcasts.

With that said, how about we take out the Podcast Review Bag and look at some reviews.

Wild Podcast has appeared

A Wild Podcast has Appeared

The Burts Family
5 stars 🌟 ★★★★★
Best pod for having discussions, tangents, and hearing dark Pokédex entries. One question: Can you make an episode that is a tier list of ALL the Pokémon games? (Please include Pokémon Unite I love that game)
The Best Podcast for Pokémon Nerds! ★★★★★
This podcast gives me the same excitement about Pokémon that I used to have when I was young and would wake up early Saturday mornings to watch Pokémon on TV! I absolutely love the energy of each episode and especially love the rabbit holes and tangents that inevitably occur. The most exciting thing about being on summer break from my job is that I will hopefully be able to catch the podcast live now!!
Helping an old fan keep up to date ★★★★★
I am an OG generation 1 kid. Fell out of the fandom a little past generation 3. Things like this podcast, the Netflix Journeys show, and Shield/Sword have brought me back in. Thanks for being an awesome part of my week!



Matthew Edison
Great for fans new and old ★★★★★
Been listening to these guys (gym by gym, week by week) since the pandemic, and nothing makes me happier as a Pokémon fan than to hear their interesting and new perspectives on the games. Keep it up guys!
Best Pokémon podcast ★★★★★
Machop also makes me want to barf
A nostalgic tarantella ★★★★★
I was introduced to this podcast by a friend, and finally fully caught up right at episode 100. I’ve sadly forgotten which friend told me about it, but I’ve been dying to tell them how much I like it! Great variety despite a singular focus, and great easy listening. Keep em coming!(Word of warning: Let go of how you think any Pokémon’s name should be pronounced. Ha!)
Perfect Podcast for this Imperfect Time ★★★★★
Listening to two friends play Pokémon together was a great break from all of those many, many things we’ve all wanted to escape from these past couple years. Josh and Tanner have the great on-air chemistry of real friends and are absolutely hysterical. They just came back from a break, and now is a great time to start listening.

Tag Team

Tag Team

Fantastic Podcast ★★★★★
As a newer player, this quickly became my go to podcast both in terms of knowledge gained and tips for upcoming meta/events, as well as for humor and fun. Amazing duo and look forward to listening every week.
Tart Otter
Great Podcast ★★★★★
Riley and JW will fill your head with knowledge each week with current meta in the Pokemon TCG. JW also has the correct pronunciation of Duraludon (dur-uh-lewd-on). 10/10
Tag-Team V-Union ★★★★★
JW and Riley consistent deliver the goods. Each episode is full of great advice for players of any skill level. They have really helped me keep up with the current state of the game while taking a break during the lack of IRL events. Although tag teams may have rotated out Riley & JW are here to stay in my weekly podcast listening

Lured Up

Lured Up

Thoughtful conversations ★★★★★
These folks clearly are passionate experts on PGO! I appreciate how thoughtful and objective their discussions around hot topics are.
Great show ★★★★★
I love the show, both are pretty dedicated Pokémon GO players with great commentary and showcase different opinions and it’s just so much fun to just even listen to. I feel like these guys could just be your friends talking about the game with you. One of hosts tries to stir trouble sometimes but it’s all good times
Great Show! ★★★★★
I found this podcast through GoCast Podcast and really enjoy it! It’s nice to have another duo with strong opinions that have different takes but also really focus on the game in honesty and humor. Ken and Adam are a great balance to each other and I look forward to hearing their views on the constant news and changes going on in the game. Also really appreciate Adam’s positive viewpoint! Thank you Ken and Adam

We hope that you love listening to these reviews. Hopefully it will inspire you to not just listen to these podcasts but also leave your own review. Let your favorite Pokemon podcaster know how much you love their podcast!

Happy Pokemon Podcast Month!

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