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Podcasters Questionnaire: Pokemon Variety Hour #PokePodMonth2023

Podcaters Questionnaire
A variety of great stuff!

July is Pokemon Podcast Month. A month where we get to celebrate our favorite Pokemon podcasts.

Pokemon Podcasts have a vast array of hosts. All of them come from various backgrounds and think in different way. The one thing that they all have in common is that they host their podcast as if they are a friend. A friend where you can come to every episode in hopes to have a conversation with them. One where you can enjoy their company for various minutes as you do something from driving, enjoying a meal or just doing something in your everyday life.

Still, as friends you want to get to know them a bit better. So we have taken the chance to ask some of your favorite Pokemon podcasters various of questions. Some of these questions range from podcasting in general to why they simply love Pokemon. Overall, we want to give you a chance to get closer to the friends that you love to listen and talk to every episode.

Today we have the following answering our Pokemon Podcast questionnaire:
Riely from Pokemon Variety Hour.

What drew you to the Pokemon franchise?

Pokemon Variety HourRiely: That’s definitely a difficult question to answer. Pokemon definitely has a sort of magical quality to it. The personality and aesthetic behind these creatures and their world is something truly admirable, and that, if only passively in my silly child brain as I looked at the funny looking yellow rat with lightning powers and fell in love.

What inspired you to podcast?

Pokemon Variety HourRiely: I had already been interested in creating internet content, but wasn’t very familiar with podcasts as a medium until I discovered Blast Burn Radio through a Twitch stream one of the hosts was doing.

They were an amazing first podcast and lead to me falling in love with the medium, which leads us to today where making and listening to podcasts takes up a significant percentage of my time.

What is your thought process when it comes to picking music for your podcast?

Pokemon Variety HourRiely: Just fun Pokemon music mostly, a lot of which is remixed by Glitchxcity, who is an amazing musician. Shout out to Glitch!

What keeps you going when it comes to podcasting and Pokemon?

Pokemon Variety HourRiely: I’m not sure whether you mean Pokemon podcasting or Pokemon and podcasting, so you get 3 answers.

When it comes to podcasting, it’s just something I love to do. Recording podcasts is a massive passion of mine, and has been for many years. I can barely imagine life without it at this point. The sentiment about not being able to imagine life without it is tenfold when it comes to Pokemon.

I’m a Pokemon trainer for life. Pokemon is a franchise that has touched my life, and continues to produce amazing games that I manage to play through and enjoy even as I grow older and my attention span doesn’t allow for me to play most video games for extended periods. On top of all that, the community is also a big thing that keeps me so actively engaged with the Pokemon franchise. When it comes to Pokemon podcasting, I always have something to say about Pokemon, and I enjoy putting those thoughts out there for people to enjoy.

Pokemon Variety Hour will be ending regularly scheduled production soon (it may look like we already have, but there’s a bit more coming down the pipe, I promise.), but I know that it will continue to come back periodically as new Pokemon content inspires new discussion, I have other Pokemon related podcast content planned, and I’ll never shut up about Pokemon and how great it is on the other shows that I do. I have Pokemon to thank for getting me into podcasting, and even with PVH not being a show I plan to regularly produce moving forward, Pokemon will always be apart of my podcasting life.

When you record your podcast, who do you wish to reach with it?

Pokemon Variety HourRiely: Anyone who will enjoy it! My passion is to entertain, so when I put out an episode I just hope it can make a couple people laugh and/or smile. If that happens, my job is done.

What is the hardest part when it comes to podcasting?

Pokemon Variety HourRiely: Time commitment and scheduling. Setting recording times and sticking to them has historically been a struggle for me and my co-hosts alike. With so many different people in different places with different schedules, it’s always a challenge to work out times that work for everyone.

What has been the best Podcast moment you have had?

Pokemon Variety HourRiely: With a show like PVH that I’ve been doing for around 5 years now, it’s hard to pin down a particular moment as my best. From my co-host Penguinmage vaguely lusting over Entei, to a Kyurem Black getting destroyed by a Deliberd in a battle segment, to all the various humorous digs all my co-hosts take at me on the regular, there’s a lot to choose from.

With the metaphorical gun to my head, I guess I’ll give the answer of the time we got notable comedian Asterios Kokkinos on the show for our episode about Pikachu. Asterios is a man who I love and respect greatly, and having him on to talk about the iconic rodent mascot (and also cereal mascots for half the runtime because Asterios is a silly goose) was a great experience and an honor.

Huge thank you to Riely for taking the time to answer these questions.

We hope you enjoy this moment with your friend if you are a listener of this podcast. If you are not then how about you take a chance and make a new friend by listening to Pokemon Variety Hour.

Make sure to give them a review on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcatcher! Don’t touch that Totodile! See you all next time!

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