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PokeDark – Twitch Adventure (Ep. 01)

PokeDark takes place in the World of Pokemon that has, somehow, experienced a cataclysmic event. Buildings lay abandoned, humans have disappeared, and the Pokemon act strangely. You play the role of the hero, K’May Muuver, a green-haired teenage boy thrust into this horrifying place. All you have are your Pokemon, your items, and your wits. Can you survive the horror that is this world? Or will the ever-lurking darkness consume you?

The adventure takes place on Twitch, the livestream website. Every Saturday, at 4:00 p.m. Eastern, I will host the next episode of the adventure, acting as its narrator. You, as a member of the chat room, can submit commands that will direct the actions of the hero, K’May. Though these commands, you determine how the story progresses.

Anyone is welcome to join and participate. For those of you who missed it, a recording of the first episode is out on YouTube.

Want to discuss the episode? Post in the official PokeDark thread!

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