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Pokemon Anime on Hold in Japan

Pokemon Anime
It is time for the battles to stop in the anime.

TV Tokyo has recently updated their schedule for the upcoming few weeks. With this update, they have removed all future planned new Pokemon episodes from their schedule. Instead they are going to be running reruns. It is unsure for how long this will last.

The reason for this change in schedule is due to the current COVID-19 epidemic. The virus has been running rampant in Japan and have surely started taking a toll on television production. In the case of the anime, it may have made it difficult for voice acting to safely take place. After all, in Japan it is common to have most of the voice actors record in the booth together for an episode. That would mean having more then ten people in a booth together which can raise the chance to catch COVID-19.

Today, Toei Animation has also announced that they have halted production for the One Piece and Digimon anime. This is just another example how the COVID-19 epidemic has affected the anime industry in Japan. We could soon enough see how it will stop production of other anime series.

As mention before, there is no word when the Pokemon anime will return to Japanese television.

Source: Serebii

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