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Pokemon X and Y – Consecutive Fishing

Ever wondered what this meant?

Ever wondered what this meant?

Hello, today we’re going to discuss what exactly this “consecutive fishing” actually means! You may have noticed on Route 16 a strange and mysterious shack with fishermen lurking inside. Well, this isn’t some coincidence! Beginning with it’s debut in Pokemon X and Y, consecutive fishing has taken off like a storm! With this feature you’re able to do as the name states – fish in a consecutive order within the same spot to “chain” a shiny Pokemon!

Now, if you’re curious onto what a shiny Pokemon technically is, it’s basically the same Pokemon you’ve grown to know and love — just a different color (examples can be seen below). The small gimmick in the game is what makes it stand out and not only that, they’re hard to obtain and find. However, with Pokemon X and Y the chances to find a shiny Pokemon have skyrocketed and have become much more accessible.

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gogoat_and_shiny       scatterbug_and_shiny       litleo_and_shiny

Now, you may be wondering on what this has to do with consecutive fishing — well, this is one of many features within the game to obtain a shiny Pokemon!

Getting back to the fishermen, they provide you with key essentials. One provides you with the amazing and elite item — the Super Rod — while the other fisherman provides you with information about his highest chain*. He also states that if you can beat his chain he’ll provide you with some Dive Balls — which are common pokeballs to use when catching Pokemon that live and breathe within the water. You think: “Simple!” and as soon as you finish the fisherman’s challenge and return he provides you with your reward. However, he also alludes that there is more to consecutive fishing that meets the eye.

*A chain is a common term to describe how long you’ve been trying to find said Pokemon. If you fished 5 times in a row without breaking your streak or pattern it’s called a chain of 5. It’s a very simple method to keeping track of how many Pokemon you’ve seen and commonly spoken between fans of the series.


The fisherman is right! As soon as you leave the building and return to trying your luck at fishing a chain of Pokemon you may encounter a rare sight! A shiny Pokemon! Now, not everything is as easy as it may seem though. There are a few rules when it comes to consecutive fishing!

  1. You may catch, defeat, or run from the Pokemon you fished up and the chain will still continue.
  2. If you repeat the process of casting your line over and over without failing to reel in a Pokemon the chain will rise.
  3. If for some reason you move from your spot the chain will break.
  4. If you miss at reeling in your Pokemon by either clicking too slow or fast the chain will break.

Those are but simple rules! Easy to understand but sometimes are hard to follow — especially if you have a fast or slow trigger finger! Overall, they are an outline to a bigger cause — catching yourself the illusive shiny Pokemon!

  1. Tips: When going out to chain for a shiny Pokemon remember to bring a Pokemon with the ability Suction Cups — which allows Pokemon caught by fishing to be easier to find. However, they must lead your party if you wish for the ability to activate. Such Pokemon that contain the ability are: Octillery, Lileep, Cradily, and finally, Inkay and Malamar.
  2. Another tip is to bring a Pokemon that learns the move False Swipe (also teachable by TM). Such Pokemon include, but are not limited to: Scyther, Scizor, Farfetch’d, Cubone, Marowak, Nincada, Zangoose, and many more. False Swipe is a restrained move that prevents the target from fainting leaving it with at least 1 HP. Which, is ideal for catching a Pokemon. A nice pair to this move would also be any move that induces Paralysis — Thunder Wave, Stun Spore, etc — or a move that induces Sleep — Sleep Powder, Hypnosis, etc.
  3. Finally, if your lead Pokemon is weaker than the Pokemon you’re facing and you’re only using them for their ability your best bet is to equip a Smoke Ball to your lead. A Smoke Ball is a 100% guarantee that you’ll always escape no matter how strong your opponent may be. The Smoke Ball is obtainable in the Lost Hotel if you’re having trouble locating the item.

Overall, this gimmick of the game is here to help you get your hands on a shiny Pokemon! Good luck and have fun! Hopefully this guide will help you get your hands on some shiny Pokemon of your dreams!

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