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Pokemon Cosplay at A-Kon 25!

Lugia and the Legendary Birds
This past weekend of June 6th though 8th marked the 25th anniversary of A-Kon anime convention in Dallas, TX. There were plenty of great Pokemon cosplay and PXR had a man on the scene to see them all! Below are some of our favorite picks from the convention floor. So click below to take a look.

The Lugia and the Legendary Birds (Above) each costume made to look like their respective bird. They are all well planned in design and drew applause from the cosplay contest.

Blaine and Erika
Human characters from Pokemon need some cosplay love. Here we see Blaine and Erika from Pokemon Red and Blue being cosplay. Blaine even remembered to bring his Growlithe to the convention.

This Vanilluxe cosplay comes with a double scope of amazing. These two cosplayers walked arm to arm with each other at all times on the convention floor. It is a creative solution to cosplay such a unique Pokemon design.

Ongoing Conversation