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Pokémon Duel Figure Review: Graveler

How does this rocky foe stand on the field of battle?

While evolving figures is one of the key tactics in Pokémon Duel when it comes to using certain figures like Magikarp and Gyarados or Charmeleon and Charizard, evolution is not always the best option in some cases. Fletchinder is a great example of a figure that is arguably a lot better than its evolution. And while Graveler does fall into this category too, you’re better off sticking with Geodude if you want to make use of this line at all.

Graveler is a fighter style figure with one size 40 white attack, rollout, one single star purple attack, landslide, and two size 8 miss tiles. It also has only one MP compared to Geodude’s 2 MP. This combination leaves Graveler at a very high disadvantage. Even with a size 40 tile, rollout only deals 40 damage per spin, making its unlikely to stack up against any high powered contenders as it only has half the board. It also makes leveling up Landslide counterintuitive since rollout is Graveler’s only attacking move.

Thus, overall, while Geodude is a fairly worthwhile Duel Figure, Graveler does not improve upon Geodude’s assets at all. Golem is arguably even worse. Thus, while the line are fairly decent battlers in the main series games, sadly it appears brain trumps brawn in this side game series.

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