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Pokémon Duel Figure Review: Shaymin Sky Forme

It’s time to put these chess pieces under review!

Pokémon Duel is a game of chance and strategy, but one of the key parts of it is making sure you have the right pieces. So today we’re taking a look at one of the rarer figures you can obtain from the May Booster 10 pack, Shaymin Sky Forme.

Having fought against and used a Shaymin Sky Forme, I’m well aware of the danger this figure poses to any team that isn’t prepared for it. The main danger of this Pokémon comes from its special unique ability, Thankfulness. With Thankfulness, this Pokémon can move over non-Flying type Pokémon on the field. This means that with 3 MP, unless the opponent has a flying type counter, Sky Forme Shaymin can reach the opponent’s entry point in two turns. In addition, while this Pokémon is on the field, MP1 or lower Pokémon on the bench and within two steps of it gain +1 MP. This means Pokémon like Charizard and Gyarados are able to gain a bit of a boost at the beginning or in clutch moments in battle.

Looking at Shaymin Sky Forme’s wheel, it has several attacks at its disposal. It comes with the standard Gold Attack, Quick Attack with 40 HP. This allows it to out speed purple attacks as well as deal with some of the lower HP attacks. It also has Seed Flare and Dazzling Gleam at its disposal, with 70 and 79 HP respectively. Seed Flare can grow in power if there are any poisoned or noxious Pokémon on the field, with the power being multiplied by these Pokémon. In addition, it removes all these effects. Dazzling Gleam is a semipowerful attack that causes opposing Pokémon adjacent to this one to spin, and if they roll a Gold Attack then they are knocked out. It also starts with a size 4 miss slot and a size 4 dodge slot.

Overall, Shaymin Sky Forme has many perks and is a rather strong figure to face. However, it is fairly easy to counter if you have the fire power for it. Compared to other legendaries, Ultra Beasts, and UX ranked figures in general, Shaymin Sky Forme has a rather low attack power. Meaning even if it can reach the opposing team’s entry point, there’s no guarantee it will survive the opponent’s turn while it is resting there. In addition, Aggron with its ability, Territorial, prevents Shaymin Sky Forme from jumping over it. With its high attack power, this makes Aggron one of the perfect counters for the figure. Generally, the best tactic with Shaymin Sky Forme is to either run for a quick goal grab or to get close and then use a Switch Plate to get someone with more fire power on your opponent’s end of the field.

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