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Pokemon GO Legendary Raids Details

Pokemon GO Details
You only have less then a week to get Articuno!

Pokemon GO players have been able to participate in Legendary Raids since Saturday. So far the raids have only allowed players to capture Lugia and Articuno. There have been promises for opportunities to capture Moltres and Zapdos. Now details have been reveal about the duration of Legendary Raids for Articuno and when players can capture Moltress and Zapdos.

You will have the chance to capture Articuno until July 31st. Soon after, you will be given the chance to capture Moltres starting on July 31st to August 7th. Lastly, players can capture Zapdos starting on August 7th from August 14th.

Also, bonuses from Pokemon GO Fest have been extended by seventy-two hours as of Monday. That means you have until Thursday to enjoy the increased Stardust, Candy gains, Experience gains, spawns and reduced Egg distance and Buddy distance.

Lastly, Niantic has begun to send out emails to those who purchase tickets for Pokemon GO Fest. These emails contain the details for how attendees can recieve a refund for their tickets. It also tells players that they will receive their $100 dollars worth of PokeCoins within the game with no additional actions needed.

So make sure to get out there and capture Articuno while you can! And keep an eye out for Moltres and Zapdos!

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