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Pokemon Podcast Month 2023 – Finale #PokePodMonth2023

Pokemon Podcast Month
I will now use my Supporter card, Friends in Podcasting.

Here we are at the end of another Pokemon Podcast Month. It certainly didn’t go as I planned but it did came out amazing in ways that I didn’t think was possible.

The main theme for this year’s Pokemon Podcast Month was friends.

I recall back when I first started to listen to podcasts. In my life there was nobody for me to talk about nerdy and geeky things with. I was in college and started to make friends but they were not around all the time for me to talk to. So I found podcasts that talked about the niche things I loved such as anime, comics and cartoons.

From there I found a One Piece podcast where I would listen to the podcasters talk. Then I would pause the podcast for a moment to share my thoughts out loud about the current topic. Eventually that moved on to various Pokemon podcasts. I would spend some time talking to myself about the topic that they were talking to. Overall, it felt as if I was talking Pokemon with a bunch of friends. Each episode felt like sitting down with various friends to talk about an endless amount of Pokemon topics.

From there, I just wanted to share these amazing Pokemon podcasts with others. Perhaps they wanted to have a friend to talk to as well. Maybe they wanted to share all the amazing Pokemon podcasts that they were listening to. That is where I came up with Podcast Central. I wanted friends to share all the amazing Pokemon podcasts that were out there. That way they can find a friend to talk Pokemon with every week or episode.

There were some things that didn’t pan out this year for PokePod Month. Such as the Listener Feedback. I am not sure what happen. Perhaps it was the slow downfall of Twitter that didn’t help spread the word. Either way, we still got plenty of amazing Listener Feedback that I was glad to feature.

Though, it did help me move to another idea I had. What if there was another way for friends to share what they love about a podcast? What if they were doing a favor for a friend? Such as…Leaving a review. With that thought in mind, we had the Review Bag!

It was so fun looking at all the reviews that different podcasts had. Some of them were deeply passionate reviews saying why they loved a certain podcast. Others were just crazy and wacky that I just had to share. Overall, I had tons of fun looking at different reviews and featuring some of the best ones I found.

Perhaps I shall make the Review Bag a regular feature. I am not sure though but it was fun to do.

“This podcast is cool. And every time I listen, I wish I could be there. A great community.”

I grabbed this quote from Trash Panda on a recently episode of the PUCL Podcast. It encapsulate everything I love about podcasts. It brings complete strangers together to feel as if we are all friends. Hearing this line really hit my very being as each and every podcast feels as if I am right there just listening to them talk in person. And I am glad that there are others who feel the same.

So, once again, thank you to everybody who made Pokemon Podcast Month amazing. From the podcasters who retweeted our features to the fans who submitted reviews and Listener Feedback. This month wouldn’t have been possible without you. All the podcasts that have been featured and will be featured in the future have all brought us together to be friends to talk about Pokemon.

So, I am going to just take this gift of friendship and draw three cards.

And once again, don’t touch that Totodile. It is Podcast listening time.



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