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Pokemon Shirts is Now Open!

Pokemon SHirts
Time to get dress up with your favorite Pokemon!

Earlier in the year we heard about the Pokemon Shirts brand in Japan. Later on we were told that this brand would be coming to around the world. And today is that day!

Pokemon Shirts is now open for business. You can now make your own shirt with your favorite Pokemon. These shirts are completely customizable from the color of the fabric to the decision if you want to have a pocket or not. Pokemon shirts have casual, business and Hawaiian style shirts for both Men and Women.

If you want get really detailed in your customization then worry not! That is where the Pokemon come into the play! You can decide if you want the whole shirt to have Pokemon on it or just limit it to the a certain part of the shirt. This could be simply having Pokemon on the pocket, collar or cuffs. If you want, you can have the fabric of the shirt, pocket, collar and cuffs to have different Pokemon. That way you can have a single shirt that has all your favorite Pokemon!

The only downside is the price for a Pokemon shirt can be pretty pricey. Prices start at $100 dollars with a single Pokemon to $135 if you want each part of the shirt to have a different Pokemon. Either way, you can expect a nice product for the price. Perfect if you want to treat yourself or give your favorite Pokemon fan a great shirt.

Pokemon Shirts is being brought over via Original Stitch. This company specialize in custom shirts for various occasions.

Ready to check out Pokemon Shirts? Click here to get started by designing your favorite new Pokemon shirt!

Source: PokeJungle

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