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Pokemon Sleep World Championships! Plus Gifts!

Pokemon SLeep World Championships
Are you ready to sleep to a world championship?

Then you can with Pokemon Sleep! The Pokemon Sleep World Championships has taken place! Eight and half hours of intense sleeping as five Pokemon Sleep players go to sleep…and only one of them leave as a champion!

Below is the trailer for the Pokemon Sleep World Championships.

Still, if you are up to watching the Pokemon Sleep World Championships then you can join commentators Kenny Mattress and Chris Pillow as they bring you all the action!

Pokemon Sleep World Championship Details

I am pretty sure this is just an April Fools joke from Pokemon Sleep. Though, it is pretty funny to see how they got non-Japanese commentators to do this video and then dub it over with Japanese. Plus the crazy antics that happen during the competition.

Still, what isn’t a joke is the gifts to Pokemon Sleep players. If you log in to Pokemon Sleep, you can claim the following.

  • 4 PokeBiscuits
  • 1 Recovery Incense
  • 4 Energy Pillows
  • 1 Dream Cluster M

Maybe one day the dream of Pokemon Sleep World Championships will become a reality. Until then, keep dreaming.

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