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Pokemon TCG Battle Academy Wins Award!

Battle Academy
Pokemon wins an Oscar Award!

At least the Oscar for the toy world! That is because the Pokemon TCG Battle Academy has won an award! The Game of the Year at The Toy Association’s 2021 Toy of the Year (TOTY) Awards!

The TOTY Awards is the “Oscars” of the toy world. They look at several different toys each year. All the nominations are determined by judges. Though, the overall factor that determines a win are votes from the public and industry.

The Pokemon TCG Battle Academy is a board game based on the Pokemon TCG. It has three pre-made decks where players can battle against each other and learn how to play the TCG. Players are encourage to master each three of the decks to prove that they have what it takes to start the road to Champion.

Below is what Barry Sams, vice president of Pokémon Trading Card Game at The Pokémon Company International, had to say about receiving the TOTY Award.

“The Pokémon TCG is a cornerstone of the brand, and with Battle Academy, our mission is to give families a fun and accessible way to spend quality time together. We are thrilled that Battle Academy has been recognized for these efforts, and it’s rewarding to see so many kids bonding with parents over their love of Pokémon TCG cards.”

TOTY Award

Congratulations to Pokemon for winning such a prestigious award!

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