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Pokemon TCG BOOster Packs Coming for Halloween!

Booster Packs Bundle
Do you want to see a Pokemon treat in your trick-o-treat bag?

Well, maybe most of us reading this are too old to trick-o-treat. At least not without a kid. Still, if you are the type of person who likes to give out treats for Halloween then you are in luck!

Pokemon has started a Halloween campaign this year that will allow trainers to celebrate Halloween with Pokemon! As part of this, Pokemon has revealed the new new Pokémon Trading Card Game: Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle.

What is Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle

BOOsterPackThe Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle will include 40 themed mini-booster packs that contains three Pokemon cards. This will not be a new set. Instead it will feature spooky Pokemon from various sets. Though, what will tie them in all together that these card will all include a Pikachu jack-o’-lantern stamp.

Currently it is unknown which Pokemon will be in each BOOster pack. Though the following Pokemon have been named: Zubat, Gengar, Pumpkaboo, Mimikyu and Polteageist.

The purpose of this bundle is to allow families pass out Trick or Trade BOOster packs to children who visit their home. Then the young trainers will be able to trade cards with each other in search of their favorite scary Pokemon.

You can find the Trick or Treat BOOster Bundle at grocery- and mass-retail partners starting in September.

More to Come

The Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle is only the first part of this year’s Halloween campaign. There will be other aspects to be included from home décor, plush, collectibles and more. All of this can be found on Pokemon Center website.

There will also be an inactive website launching in early September. This website will serve as a hub for seasonal entertainment and merchandise.

Are you excited for this spooky way to celebrate Pokemon, Halloween and the Pokemon TCG?

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