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Pokemon TCG Launches in China

PTCG launches in China
Soon China will start playing the Pokemon TCG!

It has been announced that the Pokemon TCG will be printed in Simplified Chinese. With that said, it means that the Pokemon TCG will officially launch in mainland China.

The announcement was made on Pokemon China’s website. There will be a press conference on September 28th on China’s Bilibili app (China’s version of YouTube). During this press conference, it is expected that the first line of TCG products will announced for China.

Based on trademarks, the first sets to be officially release in China will be Sun & Moon series of cards. It is expected that they will see a release of cards to eventually catch up to the rest of the world with releases. There is no word on when that will happen.

Organized Play

There is no wonder if there will be a Pokemon Organized Play system for China. Organized Play is usually the system that is used run the tournament system and requirements for World invitation. The United States and most of the world share the same organized play system, Play! Pokemon. Meanwhile a different system is used in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

China does have strict laws concerning gaming and children. So we may not see an Organized Play system there. If one is launched then it may limited in what can and can’t be done.

A Precedence

In 2019, Pokemon launched the Pokemon TCG in Hong Kong and Taiwan. They had massive sets that combine several Sun & Moon sets. For example, their first set was a combination of Japan’s first to fourth set along with GX Ultra Shiny. From there, the massive combined sets were released until 2020. After that, TCG sets were release to match Japan’s release schedule.

It is expected that mainland China will follow a similar if not same release schedule until they catch up to Japan.

Releasing the Pokemon TCG to mainland China will introduce the game to a massive market. In recent years, Pokemon and Nintendo has been making efforts to release the Pokemon franchise to China. Some of these efforts included making the Sun & Moon video games to include Simplified Chinese as a language option. Also, a few Pokemon names were changed to satisfy government regulations. This included removing references to “Death”, “Thief” and Toxic. A few examples of this included changes to names such as Toxel, Pangoro, and Thievul.

Source: PokeBeach

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