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Pokemon TCG is Now on Twitter!

Pokemon TCG on Twitter

Want to get the latest and official news for the Pokemon TCG at your fingertips? Then you are in luck! The Pokemon Trading Card Game is now Twitter!

The Official Pokemon TCG Twitter account was launched early in September 2021 but has recently been found and gone public for all to see. At the moment, it is promoting Pokemon TCG products such as cards from the latest TCG set Evolving Skies. They are also tweeting about products that are releasing soon such as the V Battle Decks featuring Rayquaza V and Noivern V.

Though, we suspect this account to become much more active as the #Pokemon25 anniversary kicks off with the release of the anniversary set, Celebrations. Their pin tweet does feature cards that have the Celebrations logo on the cards.

We look forward to see what this account plans to tweet. Hopefully they will tweet some funny Pokemon TCG memes along with promoting upcoming official Pokemon TCG tournaments.

You can CLICK HERE to see the Official Pokemon TCG Twitter account and follow them for the latest official news.

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