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Pokémon UNITE on Mobile Devices!

Pokémon UNITE will be available for download on mobile devices later this fall!

Following its release on Nintendo Switch devices back in late July, as promised, Pokémon UNITE will be coming to mobile devices soon. Fans can expect to join the fight on September 22, 2021.

In anticipation of the launch of the mobile version, preregistration has now begun on the App Store and Google Play Store. If preregistration totals reach 2,500,000, players will receive the Unite license for Pikachu. If the total hits 5,000,000, players will also get a Special Holowear—Festival Style: Pikachu. If and when those thresholds are reached, Trainers can claim the Pikachu Unite license and Holowear by logging in to the mobile version of Pokémon UNITE and completing the log-in event by October 31, 2021, at 7:59 a.m. PDT.

Pokémon UNITE players can also log in to the Nintendo Switch version of the game right now to receive the Unite license for Zeraora as a special gift. If players link the same account to both the Nintendo Switch version and the mobile version, they’ll be able to use Zeraora in the mobile version when it launches, too.

New Pokémon

Two new Unite licenses have also been teased for future releases. Players can expect to see the additions of Mamoswine and Sylveon as playable characters in the near future. With their fearsome ground, ice, and fairy attacks, these two new additions are sure to add quite the bit of spice to the game. The introduction of Sylveon in particular has my interest piqued, since depending on if it evolves from Eevee or not, this could imply some interesting future mechanics.

That said, how long players will have to wait for said releases is unknown, as Blastoise was also formerly teased, but has yet to be introduced. We can only hope that all three of these beloved Pokemon make their introductions sooner rather than later.

Today’s UNITE Update

On top of the new information included in today’s presentation, a new update has also gone live for UNITE. This update introduced several new sets of Holowear into the game. This include the Berry outfit for Snorlax, the Fashionable outfit for Pikachu, and the Fashionable outfit for Eldegoss. Snorlax’s Berry Outfit is available via energy rewards or 60 Holowear Tickets. It provides KO and Movement Effects. Pikachu and Eldegoss’s outfits are available for 450 and 350 gems respectively. Eldegoss’s outfit can also be bought with 18 Holowear Tickets.

Additionally, a new set of event missions have been added, lasting from August 18 to September 2. The missions are as follows

  • Participate in 1 battle with the following role: Supporter
  • Become the MVP 1 time
  • Score a total of 100 points
  • Knock out a total of 10 opposing Pokemon
  • Pick up 100 energy points off the ground

These missions also provide the corresponding rewards:

  • Socks (Yellow Striped)
  • 30 Aeos Tickets
  • Shirt and Sweater (Yellow)
  • Checkered Pants (Grey)
  • Loafers (Brown)

Finally, Blissey was added to the game as the latest Pokemon available to players. Starting off as a Chansey, it evolves at level 4. It is ranked as Novice difficulty and is a ranged style fighter in the support role. It is also a special attacker and its ability is Natural Cure. In addition to its basic attack, Blissey gets the options of Pound, Egg Bomb, and Helping Hand for its first special at levels 4 and 10 respectively. The first two are ranged attacks while the latter is a buff. Then for its second special, Blissey has the options of Heal Pulse, Soft-Boiled, and Safeguard at levels 6 and 12 respectively, with all of these being Recovery and Buff moves. Its unite move is Bliss Assistance and activates at level 8. This move has the user dash to the designated ally Pokémon to give it an egg, granting that Pokémon a shield and increasing its Attack and Sp. Atk for a short time. The user also intercepts a portion of the damage received by that Pokémon for a short time. While dashing, the user throws nearby opposing Pokémon and those it comes in contact with.

Alongside some other patches made to the game today, Blissey is sure to shake things up for the meta, so stayed tuned as there’s more to come in Pokemon UNITE!

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