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Pokemon World Championships 2013 Winners


Pokemon World Championships happen this weekend in Vancouver, Canada. Many battles were played with people coming all over the world to compete in the Video Game and the Trading Card Game competition. Everybody came with their best decks and teams but only a few people could leave with the championship from their respected divisions.

Click below to see who were crowned champions at Worlds!

Trading Card Game Champions

Master TCG Champion- Jason Klaczynski of the US (Darkrai)
Senior TCG Champion- Kaiwen Cabbabe of Australia (Plasma Box)
Junior TCG Champion- Ondrej Kujal of Czech Republic (Darkrai)

Video Game Champions

Master VGC Champion- Arash Ommati of Italy
Senior VGC Champion- Hayden McTavish of the US
Junior VGC Champion- Brendan Zhang of the US

The Finals for Worlds Championships in the TCG and VGC were all live streamed via TwitchTV. This gave people around the world the chance to witness great feats from Worlds. Some of the finals were down to the wire with one of them going into sudden death. A few champions battled since Friday in the Last Chance Qualifier to give them a weekend filled with intense battles.

The first champion from Europe was crown with Arash Ommati taking the win in the Master VGC Finals. Ondrej Kujal became the first Czech Republic champion in the Junior TCG championships. The Australian presence was strong as Kaiwen Cabbabe took the Senior TCG championship for Australia. Jason Klaczynski became the first three time champion in the Master TCG championship. He has also won the Worlds TCG Championships in 2006 and 2008.

Congratulations to all the champions from around the world! This concludes the 2012-2013 season and opens up the 2013-2014 season with Pokemon XY on the horizon to provide new challenges.

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