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PokeTwitter Interviews: Candice Suzuna (TheIceSiren)


On the deepest part of Twitter, there is a universe where all of our favorite Pokemon characters live. They are just normal people like you and me who uses Twitter to talk about their daily lives. Some of them are gym leaders. Others are criminal masterminds. There are even Pokemon who actually master the use of a cellphone.  This is what we call PokeTwitter.

Today we have a person who is as cool as ice and packs a heated kiai! She is the Snowpoint City Gym Leader from the Sinnoh region. Please enjoy our interview with Candice Suzuna (@TheIceSiren)!

Why did you join Twitter?
Candice: It’s what all the cool kids were doing!

Why did you pick your username?
C: Oh. This is actually kinda lame, because I’m not friends with the person who came up with it anymore. Someone called me a siren of the ice because they could not ~escape my siren call~. So I ran with it. It used to be @IcyKiai.

Why was it IcyKiai before?
C: Because I like ice and I have hot Kiai :3c

How long have you been on Twitter?
C: Geez, uh. Late 2011, I guess? So like a year and a half!

How does it feel to have been here this long?
C: I GUESS IT’S PRETTY COOL? I dunno, it’s cool to have fun with everyone~

What has been one of your favorite Twitter-related moments or events?
C: P(retty). sure Volkner (@Leader_Volkner) proposing yesterday tops everything to ever happen to anyone ever.

Can you go into detail about how this happen? How did you meet Volkner? What made you fall in love with him?
C: Oh man, you ask the hard questions right away!

We met in high school, where he was like, the gross AV nerd, you know the kind that in movies always has horn-rimmed glasses and wears suspenders and pocket protectors and no one likes? That one. Except I guess he wasn’t that ugly, and he didn’t wear glasses or suspenders or pocket protectors, but he was still a total nerd, okay? Anyways, I spent all of high school ignoring him and he had like this giganto crush on me that never panned out because I was dating Flint.

So, we all go away to college, and Volkner comes back from a summer abroad to his first semester as a college (student) and is suddenly like SUPER INCREDIBLY HOT. This was around the same time I started to play video games, and we ended up in the same dorm, so we were always going over and bumming games and caffeine off of each other, and then we started to play together, and one thing led to another and before we knew it, we were best friends, and basically inseparable. And I guess after we graduated, that never changed? We’ve dated on and off for six years.

Who else on Twitter do you feel close to?
C: Obviously Volkner. Also my leaguemates, mostly Flint (@BurnYahAss), Gardenia (@InfiniteBloom), Fantina (@GhostlyAllure), and Maylene (@FightingGenius). Also I’m really good friends with Cyrus (@NochtSymfoniya)! We have the best sleepovers =3

Have you met anyone you consider close through Twitter? Tell us how.
C: I probably wouldn’t talk to Cyrus at all if it weren’t for Twitter. Oh, or Mars (@RedGlowOfWar)! Though I’m pretty sure she hates me =3

Is there an embarrassing story you want to tell about one of your fellow gym leaders?
C: Okay, so Fantina comes to Sinnoh, right? And hardly speaks any English, but she tries hard, and she has fantastic fashion sense, so I figure “Hey, why not, I’ll hang out with this chick.” So we go out for tacos, and it’s, like, two in the morning. I don’t remember why it was two in the morning, but it was, stay with me here. So, we’re at Taco Bronzong at two in the morning, and that’s when we realize we left our wallets back in her gym. So I go “Oh, you know, they accept payment in pristine views of boobs, too!” and I turn away for a minute to tell Froslass to go scare some money out of someone outside. And I turn back, and Fantina’s lifted her shirt up and flashed the poor cashier, who is just standing there like a Deerling in the headlights. (Like literally because lol headlights) And that is the story of how Fantina flashed a Taco Bronzong employee for tacos. She has since been banned from Taco Bronzongs everywhere, however, she is more than welcome at any and all Cafe Risques.

So, how did you become best friends with some of Sinnoh’s antagonistic side? Cyrus and Mars are kind of big baddies.
C: Oh, please. Mars is harmless, and Cyrus is like a puppy, once you figure out that all he wants is a friend to have tea with, he’s great.

I guess I just don’t like people to be unhappy! So if it’s within my power, I try to help out, and it was pretty clear from when he crashed and burned because of Hikki (@PrideFall), Cyrus needed a hand, and none of Galactic knows enough about people to know what he needed, which was a friend he could rely on that had no ulterior motives.

Why do you think Mars hates you?
C: Because I send her lots of super inappropriate fanfiction.

Oh. Then let’s not talk about that. Next question!

Why did you choose to specialize in the type of Pokemon you train?
C: Ice Pokemon are super cool and super elegant and they look awesome and Ice has a lot of good offensive capabilities and alksjfdsl I JUST LOVE BLUE THINGS OKAY.

If you could be a gym leader of a different type of Pokemon, what would that type be and why?
C: =C Geez. Dragon? I guess? We don’t have a Dragon user in Sinnoh, and a lot of Dragon Pokemon are cool, and also they don’t have many weaknesses.

Where would you like to travel for a vacation and what would you do there?
C: ANYWHERE BUT HOENN. I hate the heat, I hate it I hate it I hate it oh my god. Uh, but to answer your question in the positive, I guess Unova? It’s super metropolitan so there’d be lots of shopping opportunities and activities for me to drag Volkner to.

What is your favorite Pokemon and why?
C: FROSLASS. Because Ice Type + the legend + my Froslass is the coolest Froslass to ever exist, just so you know! Frost Forme Rotom is pretty darn awesome, too.

What’s your favorite region (to visit or to live)? Where do you consider ‘home’?
C: SINNOH! Sinnoh region best region #SINNOHPRIDE, all other regions go home. But seriously, I grew up here, all my friends are here, I love Snowpoint, and I would never want to go anywhere!

What would you say motivates you?
C: What doesn’t motivate me? No, seriously, life is great? Everything is super cool, and I love that I have the chance to evaluate trainers trying to become the best!

What has made you stay on Twitter for so long?
C: Owning Volkner. Nah, it’s just really neat! I like the opportunity to talk to lots of different people! (And the fans don’t hurt either~)

Do you have any hobbies?
C: I love to bake! I also like to sing and dance, go shopping, and play vidya. Pretty sure I own Volkner at basically every game we play together.

Are you really an idol? How come?

I sing and dance and am adorable and highly marketable!

What’s your opinion of your author?
C: She’s pretty neat! Sometimes she gets way too stressed out and needs to step back and chill, but I guess that’s what I’m here for – to help her learn to focus on the good things and not the bad! Also she has fantastic taste in music, I’m JS.

Any last things you wish to say before signing off?
C: Don’t forget to focus! Pokemon, fashion, romance, life! You won’t enjoy any of it if you spend all your time with your head down!

That is it! We would like to thank Candice for taking the time for talking to us and hope you all look forward to our next PokeTwitter Interviews!

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