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Post Malone! Live on Pokemon Day!

Post Malone
Pokemon is hosting a concert! With Post Malone!

There will be a virtual concert on Pokemon Day featuring Post Malone. This concert will take place on Pokemon Day (February 27th) at 7PM EST. Sounds like the best way to spend your Saturday night. Also, a concert seems to be hinting that this year’s 25th anniversary celebration will be heavily focus on music.

Details about this concert are unknown at the time. The trailer that announced this did feature Post Malone getting animated. Maybe this will be a unique concert where he will be animated. Tattoos and all.

Below is the trailer announcing the virtual concert.

This concert is something that nobody saw coming and Pokemon knows it. Especially if you read the description for the concert.

The trailer features a few nods and references to Pokemon. The most obvious one is the red, blue, and green rings around Post Malone’s fingers. These are referencing to the original games. There is also a vending machine that has a menu similar to the player’s menu from Generation 1.

We hope you are excited for this concert! See you in the crowd on Pokemon Day!

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