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Posts of the Month: April


So, what is going on around the forums? Posts of the Month will be a new monthly article featuring posts from Pokemon Crossroads, including funny, amusing, impressive, or otherwise interesting posts. This could include anything from entire stories to one line posts. Keep reading to see April’s selection.

The Interesting


Pokemon Prism: Link
Speed-X has resurrected Pokemon Prism. Pokemon Prism is a forum game about adopting Pokemon. As you make posts, they grow to maturity where they can then be bred with other Pokemon. The catch? Each Pokemon has a different color of the rainbow. The goal is to collect as many different colored Pokemon as possible.

Tenacity’s Sun and Moon Theory: link
Tenacity has pointed out something interesting about images from the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Could they actually depict a solar eclipse?

EmeraldSky’s Weekly Prompts: Link
EmeraldSky has started a thread providing weekly writing prompts. Check it out if you are interested in writing but often find yourself unsure what to write about.

The Amusing


Trainer17 and Suicune’s Fire’s G/S Randomlocke: Link
Trainer17 and Suicune’s Fire are doing a Gold and Silver Randomlocke together. A Randomlocke is like a Nuzlocke, but all Pokemon are randomized. In addition, the two have added in some extra rules. With Trainer17 on Silver and Suicune’s Fire on Gold, things have gotten very entertaining.

Tenacity’s XAT Pokedex: Link
Tenacity has started a project to draw every Pokemon in the Pokedex. The catch? They all have to be drawn in XAT, a program that “reduces your drawing skills to that of near-infancy!”

Tazz’s Hill: Link
King of the Hill has always been around in the Fun and Games section, but The Nonexistent Tazz has returned from a long absence, and has brought the game to whole new levels of insanity.

The Impressive


Sarah’s Challenge: Link
Pokemon Sarah has challenged the forum to make as many posts at once as they can. In less than a half hour, she managed to fill the entire latest posts list. That’s an impressive eleven posts total with no one else posting in between. Now, many others have followed her lead and acomplished the same feat, some in even less time.

Janobii’s First Place Story: Link
Vigilante Janobi (Known as NobleJanobii until recently), has won first place in GCEA’s 20 Years Later event. The event required participants to write about their roleplay character 20 years in the future. The two runners up can also be found here and here.

Fate’s Completely Insane Post Count: Link
Fate’s post count is impressive enough that it could have been its own article. Fate only joined in April, but as of May 7th, already has 2,729 posts. On April 18th he posted that he had achieved a total of 101.09 posts per day. That is not a typo. Fate has in a single month reached a higher post count than many members who have been around for years.

Ongoing Conversation