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Prerelease Promos for Scarlet & Violet!

Prerelease promos
Are you ready for a Prerelease?
The first set of a new generation is coming soon! And we now know the prerelease promos for Scarlet & Violet! The first set for Generation 9 is filled with promise! And these prerelease promos sure do show it!

The Pokemon featured as prerelease promos for Scarlet & Violet are quite useful Pokemon with unique abilities. Each one of them could be used to help push your deck to victory! Below are the four Pokemon card to feature unique artwork as prerelease promos.


Revavroom will surely see some play as the new draw engine once Scarlet & Violet releases. No pun intended. All you need is a single energy to draw cards until you have six in your hand? That will surely make Rumbling Engine a really good ability. It will surely help you draw the cards you need to kick your game into overdrive.


Need to spread some damage around on your opponent without attacking? Then Hawlucha is ready to lucha! Flying Entry will come into play as you place Hawlucha on the Bench. When you do that, then you can put one damage counter on two of your opponent’s Pokemon.

Hawlucha and Flying Entry will surely be useful when you want to put a little bit more damage on your opponent’s Pokemon to get that much wanted knockout.


Need to charge up? Then Pawmot will be the one you want! This card has the Charge Up ability. Once per turn you can search your deck for a basic Lightning Energy and attack it to Pawmot.

This can be useful if you want to move that energy to an attacker with cards such as Energy Switch. A nice way to get energy on the board!


Need to get some water? As in Water Energy? Then Quaquaval and it’s Energy Carnival will be the card you need! Once during your turn, you may attach a Basic Energy from your hand to one of your Pokemon. This ability will be useful if you want to get one extra energy on the board. Pretty much allowing you to attach two Energy cards during your turn.

You can find these prerelease promos in Build and Battle kits for Scarlet & Violet. Your first opportunity will be during Scarlet & Violet Prereleases that will take place from March 18th to March 26th.

Source: PokeBeach

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