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Prize Packs! Coming to Pokemon Leagues!

Prize Packs
Ready for some special prizes at Pokemon League?

Then you will want to go to your local Pokemon League! Because now you can try to earn Prize Packs!

What are Prize Packs?

Prize Packs are special packs that you can only recieve at your local Pokemon Leagues. These packs will contain six cards in them. The packs will contain cards from a pool of around 200 cards. The cards that will make up this pool will be cards legal in the Standard Format and are consider competitive viable cards. Though, some cards that you can expect to see in these packs include Rayquaza VMAX, Charizard VMAX, and Pikachu VMAX.

All the cards from the pool of 200 cards will have the Play! Pokemon stamp on them. Thus, making them even more unique compare to their normal counterparts.

Players can start earning Prize Packs starting now. A new set of Prize Packs will be distributed to Leagues every six months. That means the second set of Prize Packs will be release in February 2023. It is planned that Prize Packs Series 3 will release in August 2023 and Series 4 will be release in February 2024.

Leagues will have a limited amount of Prize Packs to give out. Thus making this “While Supplies Last” situation. It will be up to League Leaders to decide how to distribute Prize Packs. The activity that your local League have will also affect how many Prize Packs are given to the League. The more active your League is, the more Prize Packs the League will receive.

The new Prize Pack rewards will be replacing the Play! Pokemon stamped League Promo cards. The Play! Pokemon stamped League Promos have been in use for years and included cards such as Crushing Hammer, alternate art Escape Board and recently Shady Dealings Inteleon.

Sound Familiar?

If the Prize Packs sounds familiar then you would be correct. That is because there use to be a similar reward call Pop Series Packs. The Pop Series Packs contained cards from a pool that would also be given out a Pokemon Leagues. There were nine series that made up the Pop Series Packs. The Pop Series Packs ran from 2004 to 2009.

Some of the notable cards given out through the Pop Series Packs included Umbreon Gold Star. This card is actually famous due to it not only being a Shiny Umbreon but was also only release though the Pop Series Packs. A heavy chase card among Pokemon TCG collectors. Eventually Umbreon Gold Star was release in the 2021’s TCG set, Celebrations set.

Full Details

Below are the full details for Prize Packs.

In-store events are making their return, and we’re excited to introduce Prize Packs to Play! Pokémon retail locations worldwide. Qualified Play! Pokémon retailers have begun receiving promotional Prize Packs to support in-store Play! Pokémon events such as Leagues, League Challenges, League Cups, and more while supplies last. These brand-new Prize Packs will replace the Play! Pokémon promos that were previously distributed by local game stores at Play! Pokémon events, giving Trainers much more to enjoy than ever before.

Each Prize Pack contains six cards taken from a pool of about 200—all of which are legal in the Standard format, including everything from popular Pokémon to exclusive foil upgrades of tournament mainstays, all featuring the special Play! Pokémon logo. Here’s just some of what you can expect to find in Series One:

  • Fan-favorite Pokémon like Charizard VMAX, Rayquaza VMAX, and Pikachu VMAX
  • Exclusive foil versions of tournament-defining cards like Scoop Up Net and Path to the Peak
  • Exclusive non-foil versions of powerhouse Pokémon like Oranguru and Snorlax
  • Both foil and non-foil basic Energy cards

Prize Pack Series One will have a limited duration to catch up with our recent break from in-store events, with a new series dropping every six months starting in February. You can expect Series Two in February 2023, Series Three in August 2023, Series Four in February 2024, and so on.

For competitive and casual Trainers alike, the Prize Packs offer an exclusive way to build your collection while having fun at Play! Pokémon events at your local game store. How Prize Packs are distributed will vary from location to location, depending on what works best for your store. The more active your events are, the more Prize Packs will be available, so spread the word and bring a friend to support your local community!

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