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PXR Pokémon Artist Collab – 25th Anniversary Celebration

Check out this amazing collab for Pokémon Day!

As some may recall, back towards the end of 2020, we here at PXR put out a call for any and all artists to submit their Pokémon OCs and sonas for a group picture of epic proportions! We received many submissions and what you see here is the final result of that group effort! It’s a once in a lifetime party to celebrate the franchise that these artists, and so many others, adore. I can only speak for myself but I know many others would agree, we wouldn’t be the same people we are today without this franchise. So in honor of the 25th anniversary, let’s celebrate a little, party a lot, and enjoy Pokémon like never before.

We also want to formally thank all the artists that participated in the project. We couldn’t have done it without you. Be sure to check out each and every one of them because they’re all wonderful artists and people that deserve your attention:

Be sure to check each and every one of these artist out and until next time, see ya!

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