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The PxR Showdown Tournament! Double Battles Edition!


Hello! I am XaiakuX, “The Lord of Awesome”, and this is the PxR Showdown Tournament! For those of you who don’t know, this is a series of Pokémon battle tournaments held on Pokémon Showdown! Which involves only the members of Pokemon Crossroads! If you couldn’t guess, this time we’re running Double Battles! To see details about this latest installment of the PxR Showdown Tournament, you’ll have to read more!

It’s like this!

If you want to be a part of the tournament, all you have to do is contact me with the proper “form” in my PM box on the forum. My forum name is XaiakuX, and my inbox is very much open to you to spam! OR! You can post it in the thread righhht… Here.

Before you jump into this, there are some rules to consider.

1. This tournament will be contested under: BW2 Smogon Doubles. (XY would be a thing, but I have plans for that in the near future.)
2. Ragequitting any battle will bar you from my tournaments until I see fit to re-add you.
3. You MUST save your battle replays. This ensures evidence of a victory, and gives me something to show off in my articles.
4.  Follow all of PxR’s standard forum rules!

You also know the basics: Don’t flame, post derogatory comments during the battles, or spam the battle chat!

Also! You’ll need to join the PxR Showdown Server! If you get sent to the main page, just scroll down and find the “Crossroads” tab on the left!

With all of that out of the way, here’s the form!

PxR Username: (This is important, as it verifies that you are a part of the Pokemon Crossroads community!)
Showdown Username: (Also important, that way I can know it’s actually you in these battles!)

That’s it! Simple, right? Keep in mind that even if you’ve registered before, you still have to register this time!

With that said, I think I want to start the first round of the tournament on…

December 20th!
You will have until then to sign up!

I expect my inbox to start blowing up, soon! So I am ready! Let’s do this!

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