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PxR’s Top 10: Mega’s Most Wanted!

In our second Top 10 feature, the Forum community was quizzed on who they’d like to see get the Mega treatment next. Here are the winners:


1. Mega Milotic

Milotic is a fan favorite, mostly for its beauty, and there’s been a lot of fan pushing for a Mega Milotic for as long as Mega Evolution was a thing. Corey points out that its defense could improve, as well as its special attack.

2. Mega Flygon

Another which has been called for for a long time is Flygon. Despite being a powerful Pokemon, it’s been run over by its Dragon type family. Pokemon Trainer Sarah eluded to this:

This is probably the only one I REALLY want. I love Flygon but it has always been outclassed by the other dragons. A mega that boosted its attack/special attack would be nice.

3. Typhlosion

After the reveal of Blaziken, and eventually the Gen III starters as megas, there’s been clamoring for the rest of the Starters to get Megas as well, and it also helps that Typhlosion is a fan favorite. We look at Pokemon Trainer Sarah’s opinion of the topic

Starters are supposed to be equal. If some have megas, then they all should.

4. Mega Bisharp

We’ve only gotten one mega so far from Gen V, so there’s been a lot of speculation as to if we’ll get anymore. And Mega Bisharp would be a welcome addition, with its low stats, but cool design.

5. Mega Zangoose

It seems Zangoose is a popular figure in these, isn’t he? Despite being a cool looking Pokemon, it’s not really powerful, and could use a secondary type change, and a stat increase to change that.

6. Mega Seviper

Zangoose’s arch enemy gets a spot in the top 10 as well, because you can’t very well give one a big boost over the other, now can you? Then poor Seviper would go extinct, and we don’t want that!

7. Swanna

Another Gen V Pokemon, Swanna’s one that’s okay for stats, but not great. Corey thinks it could use boosts in Speed and Special Attack, and an ability of Lightning Rod.

8. Mega Luxray

Luxray could use some stat increases in its defenses, and FedoraChar brings up a good point:

Personally, I would love it if they made it a dark type; looking at its design, one might wonder why it wasn’t half dark-type to begin with.

9. Mega Mightyena

Mightyena’s one of those you would expect to be a little more powerful in the stat department, and it’d be good, considering it’s a Gen III Pokemon, to give a Mega to. We go back to FedoraChar for more thoughts:

I’d like to see more powerful dark-type Pokemon, and it’d look pretty sweet to boot.

10. Mega Azumarill

Closing out this top 10 is Azumarill. Considering that they’re going and giving even more First and Second Gen Pokemon Megas this time around, it’s not so far-fetched. (Or maybe Farfetch’d??) Corey says that it could get boosts to its Attack and Defense stats, with Huge Power as its ability.

That’s it for this Top 10, keep your eyes peeled for another, and be sure to join the Forum, if you haven’t already, to give your input on these and many other topics.

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