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Raid Boss Changes and More in Pokémon GO!

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Now that the Ultra Fest is over, a few new announcements and updates have been made.

First off, the feature of 7KM eggs containing regional pokémon has been extended beyond its original deadline. Niantic have announced that the special event featuring the Regional Pokémon of Farfetch’d, Tauros, Mr. Mime and Kangaskhan in 7km eggs, previously set to end today, will in fact now be extended until October 8th allowing for even more time to get these Pokmon in 7km Eggs from Gifts. So make use of this while you can!

Second off, after the removal of the Kanto Ultra Bonus Event, new Raid Bosses are starting to appear. Most of these are returning Raid Bosses but others are new following a Psychic-type theme to tie in with the current Level 5 boss, Mewtwo. The tier 1 raid list is Drowsee, Magikarp, and Meditite. Tier 2 consists of Slowbro, Exeggutor, Kirlia, and Mawile. Alolan Raichu, Alakazam, Starmie, Jynx, and Claydol appear in Tier 3. Tier 4 hosts Alolan Marowak, Houndoom, Tyranitar, and Absol. Finally, all Tier 5 raids feature Mewtwo and the new EX-raid boss is Deoxys.

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