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Raid from Home? Pokemon GO Updates!

Pokemon GO
Have you ever wanted to raid from home in Pokemon GO?

Then you may be in luck! Niantic plans to allow you to raid from home plus more. Along side with announcements regarding April’s Research Breakthrough Reward and new 1 PokeCoin Box Specials!

Changes Regarding Playing and COVID-19

Niantic made an announcement regarding more upcoming changes they are making to Pokemon GO to allow players to play during the COVID-19 epidemic. One of the main takeaways is that soon players will be allow to do raids from home. After all, raids have become hard to conduct due to players being unable to leave their home due to local restrictions to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Other things that Niantic said was that they will improve Adventure Sync to better track indoor movement, virtually travel to real world locations and enjoy Pokemon GO Fest from home.

There has been no word on how any of this will be done. In particular, the ability to do raids and conduct Pokemon GO Fest from home. It will be curious to see how all of this is done. Though, it sounds like Niantic is expecting to see players staying home until mid-Summer which is when Pokemon GO Fest is held.

It is worth nothing that these changes are being made in order to allow players to enjoy Pokemon GO during the COVID-19 crisis. Once this has passed then it sounds like Niantic plans to go back to normal gameplay for Pokemon GO.

April Research Breakthrough Reward

Those who do their Research Breakthrough Reward will now get to see some tropical fun in their boxes. Alolan Exeggutor will be coming out of Research Breakthrough boxes during the month of April. There is no details if this Alolan Exeggutor will know any special moves. Though, it is worth noting that Alolan Exeggutor can be shiny.

1 PokeCoin Box Specials

Pokemon GO has another 1 PokeCoin Box Special this week. In order to keep players stocked, trainers can buy a special box for one PokeCoin that will contain 50 Great Balls. This will help keep players stock with Great Balls to better capture Pokemon.

Best of luck in catching!

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