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Real Life Pokemon Scavenger Hunt at UC Berkeley

Inspired by Google’s April Fools Pokemon hunt, the University of California, Berkeley campus is hosting a real life Pokemon scavenger hunt today. Over 130 ceramic Pokemon and Pokeballs are hidden across the campus as part of Rocio Salas’ final project for her ceramics class.

Some introduction: I’m an art major taking a ceramics class this semester and for our final project we have to do something interactive. So, inspired by Google Maps’ awesome April Fools day Pokemon hunt, I want to do a real world Pokemon hunt all around campus.

There will be a bunch of ceramic Pokemon and Pokeballs hidden around campus, and I need a qualified group of Pokemon trainers to go around finding them!

You can keep whatever you find! Be it an intimidating Charizard or an adorable Dratini, try your best to catch them all!


Participants are asked to register each Pokemon they find by photographing them, listing their location and uploading them to Instagram using the tag #BerkeleyPokemonHunt. Whoever manages to catch the most will be crowned Berkeley Pokemon Master.

Check out the Facebook Event for more information.

Source: The Daily Californian

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