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Red Bull Host PokeTuber Poll

Red Bull
Red Bull wants to know who you love on YouTube!

Pokemon YouTubers have been on a raise. This can be thanks to so many things such as Pokemon GO and the video games. Though, we all know it is because Pokemon YouTubers are such passionate people. Now Red Bull wants to know who do you love.

Red Bull has created a poll and wants Pokemon fans to vote on their favorite Pokemon YouTuber. This poll has many YouTubers and some of them have been featured on Pokemon Crossroads! These YouTubers include: MandJTV Pokevids, CandyEvie, Unlisted Leaf, The Pokémon Evolutionaries and PTCG Radio!

You can click here to look at Red Bull’s poll and vote! Don’t forget that you have seen some of these amazing Pokemon YouTubers first on PXR! Which ones are your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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