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Shining Legends! Coming to America!

Shining HO-OH
A new special set will be coming to English players this Fall!

There will be a new TCG set release in America called Shining Legends. This set will be based on the Japanese set by the same name. This Japanese set is the SM3 Strengthening Expansion Pack which will be inspired by this summer’s movie.

What makes Japan’s Shining Legends interesting is that it features several Legendary Pokemon with their Shiny colors. The following cards have been revealed as Shiny: Shiny Mew, Shining Celebi, Shining Arceus and Shiny Ho-oh have been revealed. There will be 72 cards in the Japanese Shining Legends set.

Shining Legends in America will be release similar to how Generations was in 2016. The booster packs for Shining Legends will be package within different TCG products. If you recall, the Mythical Collection Boxes were the main way to collect cards from Generations.

As of right now, “Shining Legends: Pikachu Pin Collection” and “Shining Legends: Mewtwo Pin Collection” have been said to contain Shining Legends booster packs. These products will come with three Shining Legends packs, a foil promo card of the featured Pokemon, a collector’s pin of the featured Pokemon and code card.

In addition, there will also be an Elite Trainers Box for Shining Legends. The ETB will have ten Shining Legends boosters, a Shining Ho-Oh foil promo, 65 card sleeves featuring Ho-Oh and the normal items found in an ETB.

Lastly, there will be Mewtwo GX, Entei GX, Latios, Shining Jirachi, Zekrom, Keldeo, and Shining Volcanion included in Shining Legends.

There is not much known besides what is above about Shining Legends. This could be a way for Pokemon to release all the extra cards that the Japanese TCG has been releasing outside of the normal expansion set releases. Because of this increase in cards, it has made Pokemon create some interesting products and Shining Legends is a result of that.

Shining Legends will be released in Japan on July 15th. This will be the same day as Pokemon: I Choose You movie is released in Japanese theaters. America will see Shining Legends release in stores on October 20th.

Source: PokeBeach

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