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How to Shop For a Pokémon Fan

If you’re reading this, it means you’ve survived the holiday apocalypse preamble known as Black Friday! Congratulations! Whether you celebrated the holiday festivities by testing your strength and wit in local mall brawls, and practiced your parkour skills jumping over boxes and shopping carts at the checkout line, or just decided to stay home, use Defense Curl, and survive like many other rational people did, chances are you might not have gotten all of your holiday shopping done quite yet.


Chances are good someone on your list is an avid Pokémon fan, or they’re someone you’re trying to assimilate into the already massive horde of Pokémon fans.


There’s plenty of great places to start, including edible gifts that you may not have realized exist out there. Now while you could buy them an ordinary cookie tin, a bag of chocolate-covered pretzels, or a canister of caramel popcorn, why not take the extra step to soothe and put their inner Pikachu in a cozy place?


eCrater combines the strategic power of white chocolate and Pokémon with these pretzel sticks!

Pokemon White Chocolate Pretzel Sticks- Japan Candy and Snacks

Check out these cool sugar cookies from Sweetmelissacookies!

Pokemon theme Decorated Cookies

Pokémon theme Decorated Cookies This listing is for 12 (1 dozen) Pokemon themed Decorated Cookies. Cookies are made to order and I can customize them for you as well! Add a name or age at no additional cost – just make sure you tell me in the notes or a message!

Or for the Pokémon fan that loves making their own cookies, check out these awesome cookie cutters from Bakerlogy, featuring Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur!


Pikachu and other Pokemon Characters cookies cutters | biscuits cutter for Anime Lovers and Fans | one of a kind ooak cute cookies for party

FLAT-RATE SHIPPING regardless of quantity! Flat-rate applies per address. All packages will be shipped as recorded deliveries from Singapore and a tracking link will be provided upon dispatch.

Want to get them something with some more longevity without burning through a whole lot of money? Ladies and gentlemen, there’s plenty of options there!

Pokémon Center Drinkware

Hip Pop Parade Mug

Official Pikachu Hip Pop Parade Ceramic Mug. This 12-ounce ocean blue mug features Pikachu on front and back. Pokémon Center Original design.

You might already know that is the holy Mecca of Pokémon merchandise (and if you didn’t, oh, my friend, brace yourself!). But even if you do, check out these mugs, glass tumblers, and water bottles that are cheaper holiday gift options that will last for years! What Pokémon fan wouldn’t enjoy a morning cup of coffee or tea with their favorite Pokémon?

☆ Sunyshore Pokemart ☆ Kitchenware

Latest* (75) Toys (125) Accessories (107) Lifestyle Goods (296) In Hand/Clearance (61) ☆SunyStore!☆ (97)


Sunyshore has plenty of great kitchenware options, also, including a bunch that feature the new Sun and Moon Pokémon!



Three new Pokedoll charm sets! More fairy legendary pokedolls! The latest PokeCen preview has been revealed! The mug is $14.95, Yveltal plush is $32.99, and the Litleo Pokedoll is $12.99. Just a little more than 20 days now until the full site goes live! May 23, 2014 Pokedolls and Center plush at the same time?

PLUSH | Pokemon Center

Pokémon Center is the official site for Pokémon plush, featuring a wide collection of original Poké Plush and Poké Dolls. Find Pikachu, Eevee, Rayquaza, and more.

☆ Sunyshore Pokemart ☆ Plush

Pokemon Center Sapporo is getting a new look just in time for Alola!These are plush! Choose from Pik..

As any Pokémon fan will tell you, the correlation and causation between their vital Pokésynergy and Pokékarma levels is directly related to how many Pokémon plushies they have accumulated over their Pokémon careers. If they can count the number of plushies they own using their fingers and toes, THAT’S NOT ENOUGH! Rescue them from this emergency deficiency and do your Pokériotic duty by buying that Pokémon fan you know a plushie of their favorite Pokémon or something cute and cheeky this holiday season.

Pikachu with Lugia Hoodie Poké Plush (Standard) – 8″

Pikachu Hoodie Lugia plush | Poké Plush | Pokémon Center Original

Like this Pikachu wearing a Lugia hoodie. Come on, look at that! It even folds up and down!


As for the “could be” fan that perhaps discovered Pokémon Go last summer and wants to see how far this fun fandom goes, the newly released Pokémon Sun and Moon games are always a great option to suck them into this fun and everlasting fandom.


From Pokémon Crossroads to you, have a safe, happy, and festive holiday season!

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