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Slateport Monthly – Community Update from our friends

Editor’s Note: The Slateport Monthly newsletter originally appeared on Slateport.  Because PXR and SPC are best buds (and PWN, we love you too!), we are going to republish their community update.  The news about Pokemon isn’t limited to what comes out of The Pokemon Company International.  The fandom makes news, and the fandom news is what we’ll publish as well.

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Slateport Monthly
April 2015

Welcome to SPC’s monthly newsletter! Each month we go over the events that have happened to the forum in the past month, as well as official Pokemon news. We want to keep you in the know about everything SPC! So sit back, relax, and enjoy reading about an array of topics, from April Fools’ Day hijinks to member and staff interviews to upcoming forum features and projects!

Promotions and New Boards
In March, we gained two staff members!

Earlier in the month, Sheep rejoined the staff team. Not only did she regain her position as Admin, she was promoted to Head Admin! For those who don’t know, Sheep’s no wolf in sheep’s clothing: she is very kind, friendly, and hardworking. Her position was well-deserved, and we’re happy to have her back.

Toward the end of the month, yaoi enthusiast Kano (also known as Drew) was added amongst the Moderator ranks. Like Sheep, she is very amiable and hardworking, and her love of yaoi knows no limits! If you see Drew online, you should totally post some fanart of her favorite couples (small lists found hereand here) on her profile!

Our staff team isn’t the only thing that changed in March! As you may have noticed, New Mauville has undergone construction and has brought with it a rearrangement of some previous boards and the addition of Internet and Technology! There you can brag about your superior browser, discuss your computer specs, and show off your tech savvy lingo! Additionally, both Anime & Manga and Video Games have finally grown up and left their home; they now stand alone as their own subforums. Anime & Manga and Video Games definitely deserve more of the limelight, and we think that this rearrangement reflects that! We hope these changes will give you (our members) more variety and ways to connect. Finally, if you feel like enjoying a blast from the past then check out our Archives section as well. There you can revisit events and the memories that go along with them.

If you have any further suggestions for these boards, ideas for events, or any feedback at all don’t be shy contacting us.

April Fools!
On April 1st, Slateport City was taken over by a benevolent virus that transformed it into File Island, a forum for any and all Digimon discussion. Fortunately, only all but one staff member and a single member were affected; they turned into Digimon or Digimon Tamers. Additionally, many Digimon adoptables were added to the BitShop, and prospective Tamers got the opportunity to purchase a Digivice, D-3, or D-Power so they could command these digital creatures! After a couple days, staff managed to turn the forum back into a Pokémon one; however, the Digimon adoptables and style still remain for those who wish to purchase/use them.

Pokémon Spotlight

Me? :o;

This ‘mon is the OG of electric rodents before the existence of the many inferior clones that followed suit. This is the only ‘mon that can use the light ball to boost its special attack to rival its evolution. Yet, not only is Pikachu the mascot of Pokémon (the rest can only dream of holding this glorious title) but since ORAS it is now able to use moves previously unavailable to it. As you may know, Cosplay Pikachu’s costumes allow it to be able to use moves such as Icicle Crash (first time for Pikachu to be able to use the much valued bolt-beam combo), Meteor Mash, Draining Kiss, Flying Press, and Electric Terrain. Interestingly, despite its mascot status, it isn’t often seen in playthroughs (that I know of) until the introduction of Cosplay Pikachu in ORAS that added a little gimmick to play with.

So, did you use Cosplay Pikachu in your playthrough of ORAS? Have you sed it before in previous games before ORAS? Which is your favorite electric rodent? :P

Member Spotlight
Each month, staff interview a member who has gone above and beyond for the community. For April, we’ve chosen the lovely Palmon @Palamon!

Who are you? Tell us a bit about of yourself!I go by the name of Melissa Waterfower. I’m a writer who can’t get published yet because she keeps expanding the universe way, way, way too much. And anime is my unpaid part time job. Yeah, aha, I wish it were my part time job. Oh, I’m too creative but I can’t ever write these without TL;DRing so this is where I gotta stop.How long have you been with Slateport and its previous iterations?

I’ve been around since before the beginning when Pokelight and Pokemon Nightmare were separate forums. That was back around 2008 to 2009. Then, in 2010, Solstice came around. I wasn’t around for Solstice V1, but was for the entirety of Solstice V2 in 2011. Then it closed in December of 2011 (I had a fit, it wasn’t pleasant). After this, in turn there was an announcement for EGC, so I joined the day it opened. I guess you could say my activity just never dies since here I am today, still active.Why is your username Palamon? How did it come to be? Was it a typo of Palmon or was there another reason behind it?
This is a long story, actually. Palamon is kind of my identity/how I identify myself online. I keep using this username because I like keeping it around. I think about changing it a lot, but I never do. How it came it to be? Well… back when I was about eleven, I was dumb and thought Palmon’s name was “Palamon.” I used to stylize it as palamon back when I was younger, so yeah, it did start out as a mistake. I went away from it when I was 12 for a good 2 years, then I missed it and wanted it back. Now I use it because I like thinking of this name as my online identity and not a silly mistake I made when I was 10.What would you do if anime never existed? What about Pokémon?

If anime never existed, I’d be a huge cartoon connoisseur, I’m sure. There’s no way I’d not watch any cartoons. I’m pretty sure that then there’d be other Asian animation for me to enjoy instead outside of Japan, so I’d be fine one way or another. I’d always have animation to look at still. As for Pokemon, well, I wouldn’t be on forums, that’s for sure. I probably wouldn’t be a gamer, either. I don’t even know, lmao. If Pokemon never existed, would I even be the same person? It made me who I am, so I’d be a completely different person with completely different tastes.What is your favorite Pokémon game? What was your first game?
Easily Pokemon Shuffle now. (I lie and say I hate it in public). It’s addicting and a lot of fun to play. It’s just as challenging as Pokemon Puzzle Challenge. I can’t even put it down anymore. Move over, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I don’t even want you right now. My first Pokemon game played was Pokemon Emerald. I played one of my brother’s friends games and didn’t know how to save the game. I never saw that guy again, though. The first game I owned was Pokemon Diamond. I had to bug my mom to take money out of the bank so I could get a DS. I originally wanted Pearl, but it was sold out, so I picked Diamond. May 22nd, 2008. Never forget~.

If you could change anything on Slateport, what would it be?
The only thing I want to change is more roleplays in the writing section. Though, I feel like I’m jumping the gun here. RPs have never been active. I’d just like to see a few novice RPs or RP nights since it’s been a long time since we’ve had those. Maybe it would kick up activity in the writing section, even?

Any final words?
Yes. Pancakes taste like pancakes. And thank you for choosing me!

Staff Spotlight

A new feature we’ve decided to add to the newsletter! Much like the member spotlight, we will be interviewing one of SPC’s current staff each month! For April, we have chosen the very kind and fun @Dragon! (Narrative by ray_quazaa.)

Dragon Dragon Dragon. If you say it three times, a Dragon shows up and eats you.

Or not.

Maybe if that Dragon were Benedict Cumberbatch, then it would be okay. But no, our Dragon here is not a Benedict, or an eggs benedict, or Sherlock, so please, put your phone away. Because it’s gonna get a little dorky in here.

So what do you get when you put together Walter White and Wil Wheaton (I just noticed, WWxWW)? Dragon. But don’t bug him about it, he just wants to have a quiet life (quiet down there rowdy kids). How’s he gonna do that? Chemical Engineering. (drugs? He won’t say.). Being a Dork. Duh. Didn’t you see that coming?

In Dragon’s free time not playing Pokémon, he obsesses over Fire Emblem and Tales. Because, of course, Dragon’s totally into video games. But outside of that (what? There’s something outside of Japan, and Video Games, and Pokémon? That’s some crazy stuff…), he’s into super cool neato real life things like… cooking… (ramen? Easy Mac?) and… writing… (with a pen?)… and tinkering… (he has… THE KNACK!)… and allegory?

When prompted “What does SPC and this community mean for you?” Dragon responds:

I do think that SPC has many great potential, it just needs to be brought out! Like a flower, it can only bloom with the help and support with not only staff members, but with all the members too. I’ve been a member since the evergrandecity days, and watched the community grow and changed till it’s SPC today, so I definitely see it as like a second home!

Ew. Come on, Dragon. Let’s keep this PG here. So sappy. But that’s good, because @Braixen must have some maple syrup somewhere. (Did you know that all Canadians have emergency maple syrup in their homes? Anti zombie properties, I hear.) Dragon wants to meet you… if we all can get enough money to meet up somewhere. Along with Braixen, @Palamon, @Starry Windy, @Serena, and @Sheep are all contestants on The Price is Right… Oh wait, I mean… SPC con feat Dragon! (Dragon luvs you guys).

So let’s finish this up: Watch out white bunnies, because Dragon’s gonna get you… wrap you up in tin foil. Maybe roasting that and grabbing some soda to wash it down.

But it’s okay. You can tweet this: He’s “Just a lovable dork who wants to make people smile. =)”

Are you confused?

Transcript below:
What is an aspirational goal of yours?
What non pokemon (and pokemon master) aspirational goal do you have?

Hm, I don’t really have a ‘goal’ in mind, but to basically meet as much people as I can and make a lot of friends in the process! For me in the future I basically want to become a chemical engineer and maybe settle down with family! Basically just a nice, and quiet life is what I wanna aspire to!

Biggest non pokemon obsession?
And biggest non anime/manga/videogame obsession?

Ack, video game wise, i’d have to be Fire Emblem, and Tales! They were my favourite series of games growing up (Nintendo in general too!) Non-video game wise, I do like to cook, since I was cooking since I was 13. I also love to write from time to time, as well as tinker and learn about computers (I got my A+ and network +)!

What does SPC and this community mean for you?
If we have an SPC-con, name three people and one staff member you want to see?

I do think that SPC has many great potential, it just needs to be brought out! Like a flower, it can only bloom with the help and support with not only staff members, but with all the members too. I’ve been a member since the evergrandecity days, and watched the community grow and changed till it’s SPC today, so I definitely see it as like a second home!

If we have a SPC con, I guess I’d like to see Palamon, Starry Windy, Serena, annnd Braxien/Sheep!

If Nintendo gives you a minimum wage job, would you take it?
What if you got to live in Japan?

Sure! Any job is a good experience, but working in Nintendo would be cool! If I got to live in Japan, it’d be sort of tough. First I’d have to get used to the language in which, I do understand the language but still, in sentences, i’d be tough. Also, the people aren’t as comfortable around foreigners… so there’s that to contend with for a while. Otherwise, I’d learn all about the culture and food recipes before doing the things I’d like to check out/do!

If you got to wrap any animal in Tin Foil, what animal would you wrap?

Ah… probably a white bunny? But I can’t imagine they’d be comfortable in there, haha. ;__;

Soda, Pop, or Coke?

Soda for sureeeee.

Define yourself in 140 characters or less.

Just a lovable dork who wants to make people smile. =)

I am ENFP. What about you? I’m guessing INTJ. Because we’re a Pokemon Forum.

Oh gosh, I don’t remember… it was something silly like the opposite or near that, I think!

What’s going on behind the scenes?

Let’s start off with a little something that will be available soon to a forum near you! Want to learn CSS and HTML with the help of our forum developer? Then put on your working cap and get ready for the Trainer’s Web School! This wonderful little subforum covers a wide range of topics, from block elements to divs. Stay tuned for these lessons.

Moving on, do you like adoptables? We certainly hope you do. Do you like owning adoptables of Pokémon that aren’t in their first form? Maybe you’re tired of seeing that Eevee and Froakie sit around in our PokéMart and are itching for a change. Well, wait no further! We’re currently working on releasing some awesome new adoptables that some of you have been voicing your interest in. And the possibly of giving adoptables a little bit more use is always there, too. ;)

Saving the best for last! Possibly. Something somewhat secret but not very much so.. are you a writer? Do you like creating Pokémon fanfiction?! Then be on the lookout for Slateport City’s major writing-based project coming in the future. We don’t have an ETA yet for its completion but all good things take time. Discussions have been had and meetings have been attended so we’re all taking this very seriously and hope you’re as excited as we are in getting it published.. the wait will be worth it.

The staff are off to search for magical eggs that hatch into charas, which’ll turn everyone into magical boys and girls! If you get this reference, @Seth@Mistel @Soma will give you a cookie! Those who share a birthday in April shall be turned into magical boys and girls first!

April 23rd – Decimoway
April 26th – Burgy
April 27th – Sheep
April 30th – Mega Gardevoir OP Plz Ban

Ongoing Conversation