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Spring English TCG Set! Rebel Clash!

Rebel Clash
A wave of rebels are coming to the Pokemon TCG!

Rebel Clash has officially been reveal to be the next English TCG set! This set will be the next wave of Galar Pokemon invading into the Pokemon TCG. Rebel Clash will also be the first to feature Evolved Pokemon as Pokemon V. These normally evolved Pokemon will be Basic Pokemon but will have Pokemon VMax cards to evolve into.

The feature Pokemon for Rebel Clash will be Toxtricity as Toxtricity V. Other Pokemon that will join Toxtricity in this set will be Dubwool V, Boltund V, Sandaconda V and the final evolutions of the Galar Starters.

Below are the full details for Rebel Clash.

  • 16 Pokémon V such as Toxtricity V, Dubwool V, Boltund V, and Sandaconda V—plus 14 full-art Pokémon V
  • Seven Pokémon VMAX, including the final Evolutions of the first partner Pokémon of Galar, as well as Copperajah VMAX and Dragapult VMAX
  • More than 15 Trainer cards and four full-art Supporter cards
  • Four new Special Energy cards

Rebel Clash will be made up of cards from Japan’s VMax Rising and Rebel Clash.

You can expect to see Rebel Clash release on May 1st. Prereleases for Rebel Clash will take place from April 18–26. Best of luck to players!

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