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TCG Jump: Featured Card- Naganadel

NaganadelGet ready to feel the sting!

Lost Thunder was release last week and it brought plenty of shocking new cards. Some of these cards are proving to burn the competition. Others are leaving some lost. That is expected when so many cards are released in one set. Though there is one card that will buzz into your deck and hit you with a deadly sting! Sometimes that card doesn’t need to attack. It simply needs to charge up! That is what we can expect from today’s featured card. Today we are looking at Naganadel!

Naganadel is a Psychic type Pokemon from Lost Thunder. It evolves from Poipole. Naganadel is a Stage 1 Pokemon with 130 HP. This Pokemon has an ability call Charging Up which allows you to attach one basic Energy from your discard to Naganadel. If you have three energy attached to Naganadel then you can use Turning Point which does a base 80 damage. If you have exactly three Prize cards left then this attack does 160 damage instead. Naganadel has a single energy retreat cost and is weak to Psychic.

The Pros

  • Stage 1 Pokemon
  • An ability that accelerates energy on the field
  • Works well with other Pokemon

The Cons

  • Lackluster attack
  • Horrible weakness
  • Mostly useless to attach energy to

Rayquaza GXThe main reason people would want to use Naganadel is because you can use it as a form of energy acceleration. The problem is that it only accelerates energy to itself. If Naganadel was able to move the energy to somebody else. Maybe even have a great attack. Then it will be an amazing card. Alas, that isn’t the case and isn’t the reason why we are talking about Naganadel.

The real reason why we are talking about Naganadel is because it does a great job in holding Energy for other Pokemon. Rarely would you want to attack with Naganadel. Instead you will want to attack with other Pokemon who need energy that Naganadel can accelerate to the field. Some of these Pokemon include big names like Rayquaza GX and Blacephalon GX.

How to Use It

Naganadel will be doing a lot of bench sitting while the big cards do the fighting. The best partner for Naganadel to join up with will be Blacephalon GX who wouldn’t mind somebody holding all the Fire energy while it attacks.

Blacephalon GXYou will need to set up Naganadel on the bench by using Ultra Ball to set some up. Perhaps use Fire energy to pay for Ultra Ball’s discard cost. Once you have a few Naganadel on the bench, you can use their Charging Up ability to attach Fire energy from the discard to them.

That will be perfect for your Blacephalon GX who is in the active and ready to attack. Just use Mind Blown and you will be able to discard all the Fire energy attached to Naganadel into the Lost Zone to do huge damage! Keep on doing this as long as you have Fire energy in your discard. Eventually you will win!

The same idea can be done with Rayquaza GX. Naganadel is mostly being tested to see if it is a better partner for Rayquaza GX then Vikavolt. You will want to set up plenty of Naganadel while trying to discard Lighting and Grass energy. Once you have done that a few times, you have a constant flow of energy coming from the discard to power up Dragon Break.

The problem is that you can’t attack that energy to Rayquaza GX. That is why you use Energy Switch to move the energy from Naganadel to Rayquaza GX. You will just need to make sure to have an Energy Switch on hand to make these vital plays to attack. The other option is to simply spend three turns powering up a Rayquaza GX to attack. Most likely you will have an Energy Switch in hand to move an energy to Rayquaza GX from Naganandel.

Naganadel will rarely attack. You can if you plan to attack something Psychic weak. Though most likely it will be knocked out the following turn. Though, it doesn’t matter which deck you play Naganadel in. That is because it can use any kind of energy to attack with. You will just need to wait until you have three prizes left to do some series damage with Naganadel. It is an option but not one you will want to do. Instead focus on Naganadel using Charging Up to help out your other Pokemon.

You will not use Naganadel to be the main attacker but your main attackers will love to have Naganadel. He is a bench sitter but Naganadel will be keeping itself busy. He is the piece that can really charged up your deck to do heavy damage. If you are not careful then Naganadel can really help leave a huge sting on your opponent.

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