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TCG Jump: Featured Deck- Bronzong/Mega Rayquaza

Bronzong/Rayquaza EX
It seems like M Rayquaza EX is pretty popular right now as trainers try to ride this dragon into the skies of victory! There are several versions that are trying to break into the meta but this week we are going to be looking at a different variant of the deck played by Josh Marking from Team Fish Knuckles.

Josh plays his Rayquaza EX with like most normals ones where they fill their bench with Pokemon in order to hit high numbers with Emerald Break. The difference is that his deck plays with some Metal in the likes of Aegislash EX, Bronzong and Cobalion EX. These three Pokemon may sound weird to play in a M Rayquaza EX deck but they all have a purpose. Aegislash EX with his Mightily Shield ability is in the deck to wall against Pokemon attacking with Special Energy. It will also slow down some decks that heavily rely on these types of energy to quickly attack. Cobalion EX is also in the deck to help slow down your opponent’s deck. Lastly, you are able to power up M Rayquaza EX to attack by using Double Colorless Energy and Metal energy from the discard using Bronzong’s Metal Links ability.

This is an interesting build of the M Rayquaza EX deck that is worth checking out. So make sure to watch the video below and any of the other Team Fish Knuckles videos for some cool deck ideas!

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