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TCG Jump: Featured Match- ABILITY DENIAL with Glaceon GX

Glaceon GX
Time to freeze the field with this cold look!

Ultra Prism has been released and this weekend the set will be legal to play in tournament play. One of the most exciting cards from Ultra Prism is Glaceon GX. This week we will be featuring a match involving Glaceon GX and Zoroark GX with Tablemon using the deck!

This Glaceon GX with Zoroark GX deck use two amazing abilities. Glaceon’s Freezing Gaze ability allows you to turn off all GX Pokemon’s abilities. That means no more Tapu Lele’s GX to grab a Supporter card! It can also hit pretty nicely for 90 damage on the active and 30 damage to one benched Pokemon. Pair that up with a GX attack that does more damage for each damage counter on the active Pokemon then that can hurt!

Meanwhile, Zoroark GX can attack but you want to use it for the draw ability. Trade will allow you to constantly draw into your deck for much needed resources such as Double Colorless Energy. You can even combo it by using Trade to discard Water energy. Then later in the match you can use Aqua Patch to power up a benched Glaceon GX. If worst comes to worst then you can always attack with Zoroark GX.

Now let see this deck in action! Watch the video below to see Tablemon use Glaceon-Zoroark GX in some awesome matches!

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