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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Crustle/Reuniclus/Serperior


This week we are featuring a match from Pooka’s Bad Deck Monday from The Top Cut. The deck that Pooka is using has an interesting strategy that involves a powerful lock. If all goes well then this deck will have an invincible Pokemon that can be in the active for the rest of the game. Prepare to bare witness to the invincible Crustle!

Click below to learn about this deck and watch the match!

Crustle has the ability called Sturdy which prevents him from being knocked out with a single hit when at full HP. An attack that would normally knock out Crustle will simply leave this Fighting Pokemon with 10 HP. This may seem like a one trick pony but pair this card up with Reuniclus then Crustle has a trick that can be used turn after turn. Reuniclus’s Damage Swap ability allows it to manipulate the damage on your side of the field. This will allow you to restore  Crustle’s HP back to full by putting the damage on your bench Pokemon. Now add a Serperior with the Royal Heal ability to watch all the damage disappear into nothing. Lastly, add Virizion EX‘s Verdant Wind and Grass energy to ensure that your Crustle won’t be knock out by poison damage from HypnoToxic Laser.

This deck has an interesting lock that prevents your opponent from taking prizes by taking control of the damage on your side of the field. You want to keep Crustle alive by keep his HP full at all time in order to slowly chip away HP by using Stone Edge for 90 damage. It won’t be a fast game but if keep Reuniclus on the bench and prevent it from being knocked out then the invincible Crustle will be taking prizes.

There are ways around it such as shutting down abilities using Garbodor. Genesect EX using Red Signal could pose a problem by pushing Crustle out of the active to take knock outs. This happen in the game that Pooka had using Crustle/Reuniclus/Serperior. How much damage can Crustle take? Find out by watching the match below.

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